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Sensoria launches integrated wearable system for runners

The new line of smart sports bra and t-shirt, along with the newly available running system aims to improve consistency, accuracy, and user experience.

15th August 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Seattle, WA

Sports/​Outdoor, Clothing/​Footwear

Sensoria, a leader in wearable fitness technology, has announced the 2015 line of wearable fitness gear and integrated running system, along with updates to the accompanying Android app.

The new line of smart sports bra and t-shirt, along with the newly available running system aims to improve consistency, accuracy, and user experience, providing customers with greater insights about their running style and physical performance.

The smart socks and upper body garments all connect to the Sensoria Fitness mobile app to provide holistic, real-time feedback and monitor running form, reduce chance of injury and improve performance, the company reports.

Attention to running form

“At Sensoria we aim to help our users cross the finish line with an improved understanding of their body's performance,” commented Davide Vigano, CEO and Co-Founder of Sensoria. “As a company, however, we have no finish line in sight. Once we reach a milestone we keep pushing our products to be better.”

“Our smart socks are a powerful analytic and training tool for runners who want to pay attention to their running form. The new smart sports bra and t-shirt provide runners a more complete view of how the body functions by enabling heart rate zone training and monitoring for running.”

New smart sports bra and smart t-shirt

Sensoria has completely redesigned the smart sports bra and t-shirt for 2015 with new integrated heart rate electrodes, according to the manufacturer.

The new line is made of a fabric with moisture wicking to minimize body temperature fluctuations. The new heart rate sensors are designed to offer improved comfort, accuracy and consistency.

Sensoria fitness running system

Sensoria is now offering a full IoE (Internet of Everyone) experience with a wearable running system that enables advanced training with real-time audio and visual feedback based on data collected directly from the Sensoria smart bra, smart t-shirt and smart socks.

The Sensoria running system for men includes a smart t-shirt with built in heart rate monitor, two pairs of smart socks, two anklets, which communicate with the Sensoria Fitness mobile app, and an anklet charger. For women, exchange the t-shirt for the smart sports bra.

The smart sports bra and t-shirt are said to provide users with customized cardio zone targeting capabilities and the smart socks provide users with foot landing, cadence, pace and more. The hub of the running system is the Sensoria Fitness web dashboard and the mobile app, which monitor the runner's running form parameters and provide real-time feedback.

Fitness mobile android app updates

A new version of the Sensoria Fitness Mobile app for Android is now available for free download in the Google Play store. This new version improves the Virtual Coach and Shoe Closet features of the app, includes a user feedback form, incorporates splits for session data and also enables user avatar integration with the web dashboard. Just like the current iOS app, the newly updated Android app now enables customized cardio zone targeting.

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