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TenCate acquires Smart Body Armor technology from Newport Sensors

TenCate Smart Body Armor provides body armour users the ability to inspect, in real-time, the ballistic integrity of hard body armour inserts.

16th October 2014

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Almelo

Protective, Clothing/​Footwear

It is a network of sensors integrated onto the surface of the hard body armour insert, which provides body armour users the ability to inspect, in real-time, the ballistic integrity of hard body armour inserts. The technology has been validated through extensive testing conducted in cooperation with the US Army.

The testing determined that TenCate Smart Body Armor is durable in the most extreme environments. It is said to provide military and law enforcement personnel an easy to use, anywhere anytime ability to inspect their body armour, which would enhance their safety and survivability, the company reports.

Hard body armour insert inspection

Very high levels of personnel protection can be achieved utilising hard body armour inserts made with various advanced materials. While these advanced materials are very effective at stopping ballistic threats, they can also be damaged while in use, especially in the typically very harsh combat and law enforcement environments.

The consequential damage can result in seriously degraded ballistic protection. Such damage can be very difficult to detect requiring the user to remove his or her personal protection from use and return the hard armour insert to a testing facility for non-destructive testing such as x-ray, to validate the hard body armour insert is still approved for use.

Such testing may not be readily available, may be expensive, time consuming and not very reliable. Using the TenCate Smart Body Armor, a soldier or law enforcement officer will be able to inspect their body armour routinely especially when they suspect it may have been damaged and obtain results instantaneously.

Smart wearable technology

 “The growing demand by military and global law enforcement for lightweight systems that provide protection against the full spectrum of rifle threats requires continuous innovation,” said Mark Bajko, Vice President of TenCate Advanced Armor USA.

“TenCate is committed to staying in the market leadership position by utilising advanced materials, smart wearable sensors, and proprietary manufacturing processes to produce our full range of tactical hard body armour inserts,” he added.

“TenCate is committed to innovating and incorporating high performance protection technologies that insure our products provide the best protection at the best value. Our innovative composite armour solutions continue to grow as does our smart protection technology product portfolio such as our underbody vehicle IED protection system, TenCate ABDS active blast countermeasure system.”

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