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Technical Absorbents
Technical Absorbents

9th January 2019, Berlin

Wearable Europe 2019 calls for papers

IDTechEx is now accepting applications to present at Wearable Europe, a conference and exhibition focusing on wearable technologies, applications, and their commercialisation progress, which takes place from 10-11 April in Berlin, Germany.

“Tell us about new concepts, technologies, materials and applications. Our audience wants to see the future. Our attendees value talks about new technologies, and new ways of using the technologies,” organisers report. “Successful submissions will be speaking alongside global experts flying in from all over the world.”

Wearable Europe will take place from 10-11 April in Berlin, Germany. © IDTechEx

Designed by IDTechEx Analysts, the two-day combined conference program will consist of over 250 speakers, with 50 speakers specifically covering wearable technology.

The annual event will focus on the needs from component providers, end users and system integrators. Attendees will hear the latest progress in health and fitness, sportswear, textiles and consumer electronics, solutions to power wearable technologies, low power controllers and complete devices, stretchable and flexible electronics including sensors, displays and more. Hands on demonstrations will also take place.

Topics that we will be covering this year include:

  • E-textiles – Products and Markets
  • E-textiles – Materials and Components
  • Wearables in Healthcare
  • Electronic Skin Patches and Wearable Consumer Healthcare Devices
  • Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality (AR, MR & VR)
  • Elite Sports Analytics with Wearable Devices


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