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9th December 2014, Sao Paulo

Solvay smart fibres win innovation awards

Solvay, a leading chemical company, has been recognised with several innovation awards this year for its biodegradable yarn Amni Soul Echo and its bioactive mineral yarn Emana, and their high value-added benefits to the environment and to wearers.

Amni Soul Echo, the biodegradable polyamide 6.6 yarn, won the Kurt Politzer Technology Award, which was announced during the Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Chemical Industry (ENAIQ). The Award was launched to stimulate chemical research and innovation in Brazil.

Laboratory manager Larry Hough working on Soft Matter. © Steven Lopez - Solvay photolibrary

The innovation also won the ECO Award from the American Chamber of Commerce, in the Products and Services category, Sustainability Practices.

Innovative formulation

Thanks to the innovative formulation of Amni Soul Eco, textiles can decompose in merely three years after having been discarded, while traditional polyamide fibres take decades to decompose, the company reports.

Amni Soul Eco was launched in mid-2014. The yarn is 100% recyclable and has the internationally recognised Oeko-Tex certificate (standard 100, class 1), being safe for use in adult, child, and baby apparel.

Polymer granules within intermediate laboratory. ©Philippe Dureuil - Solvay photolibrary

“As the world's first biodegradable polyamide fibre, Amni Soul Eco is a breakthrough in the textile industry and clearly shows our commitment in creating solutions that benefit the environment and the future generations,” said Francisco Ferraroli, President of Solvay’s Global Business Unit Fibras, based in Brazil.

Emana technology

Emana technology in denim, or jeans, was among the winners of the international ICIS Innovation Awards 2014 in London, with the category Best Product Innovation. The ICIS Innovation Awards recognises global chemical companies that innovate in products and processes, ways of doing business, and in advances in environmental performance and sustainability.

Researcher writing forms on a table translucent. ©Corbis - Solvay photolibrary

Emana is a polyamide yarn with bioactive minerals that are said to benefit the body and skin. The yarn heat from the human body returns it in the form of long infrared rays. Several independent university and research institute studies have shown that the yarn increases the elasticity of the skin and reduces signs of cellulite.

In sportswear, Emana is said to help athletes to reduce muscle fatigue and to recover faster. The latest Emana business segment is denim. The benefits of Emana based textiles are permanent, regardless of the number of washings.


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