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Airbus backs aerogel materials developer

Thermal insulation materials are operationally critical in aerospace.

8th April 2024

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Portland, OR, USA

Construction, Sports/​Outdoor

Airbus Ventures is investing in thermal solutions company Oros Labs, the developer of Solarcore, which has raised a total of $22 million to support its expansion.

Solarcore exploits the thermal properties of polymer aerogel, the world’s lowest thermally conductive solid, in insulation for a range of applications, from structures and packaging to cold weather apparel.

For aerospace and space in particular, thermal insulation materials and thermal management are operationally critical and Solarcore is said by Airbus to be setting a new standard in thermal efficiency, along with being durable, versatile and applicable to many different product categories.

“We were instantly attracted by the potential of Solarcore to serve a wide array of dual-use applications,” said Nicole Conner, Airbus Ventures partner. “The Oros Labs thermal product suite represents the most versatile aerogel materials ever made.”

“This investment opens doors for us to pursue strategic partnerships, bolster our manufacturing capabilities, scale our product offerings and advance our research and development efforts to continue introducing groundbreaking materials to the market,” added Michael Markesbery, co-founder and CEO at Oros Labs.

Oros Labs continues market expansion through key strategic partnerships with the US Department of Defense and renowned consumer brands such as The North Face, Icebreaker, Columbia Sportswear, adidas, Merrell and L.L. Bean. As one example of its collaboration with the US Department of Defense, Solarcore is set to transform the US Army’s cold weather tactical shelters, offering enhanced heat retention, reduced weight, and improved efficiencies in transportation and setup.

With the department investing billions annually in heating and cooling tactical shelters, the adoption of Solarcore presents significant cost-saving opportunities and carbon footprint benefits.

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