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Building better barriers with Purable

Specially developed layers allow specific control of technical properties such as air permeability and breathability.

13th May 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Freilassing, Germany

Sports/​Outdoor, Protective, Industrial

Trans-Textil, based in Freilassing, Germany, will launch its Purable breathable and waterproof functional barrier membrane system at the forthcoming Techtextil in Frankfurt from June 21-24.

It combines vegan-certified or recycled components, PFC-free Clean4Green finishes, water-based Topaz Elements seam sealing tapes and an environmentally friendly transfer printing process to enable extremely flexible and sustainable functional textiles to be created.

Purable’s layers are specially developed, solvent-free formulations which allow specific control of technical properties such as air permeability and breathability. The barrier systems are very elastic and, in combination with elastic textiles, ensure a comfortable stretch effect and a pleasant soft feel, even in multi-layer composites.

The new system has also proven to have excellent washing properties of more than 50 cycles at 60°C according to ISO 6330.

When used in classic softshell products, the use of PTFE is completely eliminated without any loss of decisive water vapor permeability. To ensure that they are watertight, the membranes are processed into individual multi-layer composites using the precisely controlled in-house Point-in-Point lamination process and achieve impermeability values of over 10 meters water column.

In the further functionalisation for weather protection applications such as workwear, , Trans-Textil uses its proven PFC-free Clean4Green finish, which is adapted to the respective laminate composite.

“With this alternative and environmentally friendly surface finish, we are already achieving water repellency that is comparable to conventional fluorine-based formulations,” said the company’s MD Matthias Krings. “Tightness against oil and other chemicals is also provided by the membrane system.”

For the fashionable design of the functional laminates, Trans-Textil uses an environmentally friendly transfer printing process, in which only water and alcohol are used. In addition to the individual design options from logo printing to full-colour motifs, the technology offers high colour fastness and abrasion resistance.

For optimal tightness at the seams, Trans-Textil has developed the solvent-free seam Topaz Elements tapes which can be customised in terms of technical properties, dimensions and design and are suitable for washing at up to 60°C.

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