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Smart Textiles

FIR for customised temperature control

Strategically-placed pads next to the arteries maximise performance.

9th August 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Great Falls, Montana, USA


H.E.A.T. (heated electronic active technology), a new start-up company based in Great Falls, Montana, is launching a range of technologically-advanced heated base layers for the winter apparel industry.

Combining advanced and comfortable textiles, smartphone technology, and custom, ergonomically-positioned batteries. H.E.A.T.’s One-Layer smart system is based on FabRoc textile heating technology. This self regulates temperature based on 13 proprietary formulations and eliminates the need for resistors, thermolators, or other temperature-controlling components which can malfunction and cause thermal runaway.

FabRoc is certified to emit heat in the Far Infrared (FIR) spectrum heat and provides multiple health benefits, deeply penetrating into soft tissue and loosening up sore muscles, the company says.

One-Layer’s key component is the Bridge, a central processing unit (CPU) encapsulated in a proprietary flexible, waterproof, urethane epoxy shell which is both machine washable and dryable.

“Heating pad placement is the key to full-body warming,” explains the company’s designer Daniel Creach. “By placing the heating pads close to the arteries, we maximise One-Layer’s body heating performance. Our heated base-layer fits snuggly against the body and provides much better warmth than a heated jacket or a heated vest. Between maximum mobility and body warmth, the One-Layer is the best heated clothing available today. All the wearer needs to do is use the app on any smart device to manage his or her personal climate.”

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