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Sensitive Fabrics, powered by Lycra Sport technology, takes high-definition performance into the streets.

17th May 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Milan


Too cool not to wear out. Activewear goes beyond the gym and provides elegance, charm and well-being. Lifestyle is moving on, no longer formal clothes but garments that follow the shapes, needs and desires of the wearer.  This emerging trend is fully reflected in the collections from the most innovative fashion brands and has a perfect ally in the proposals of Sensitive Fabrics, certified with cutting-edge Lycra Sport technology. 

Style innovation and advanced technological research, together for future fashion with no more compromises between look and performance.

© Eurojersey.

Designed to satisfy the demands of high-specification sportswear, Sensitive Fabrics with Lycra Sport technology are a unique source of creative inspiration for contemporary luxury activewear.

The innovative Sensitive Fabrics system is a Eurojersey patent. A product of Made in Italy excellence with an exclusive textile construction that includes a high percentage of Lycra  premium fibre, it offers a unique range of weights, prints and finishing.

High-breathability and lightweight Sensitive Fabrics with Lycra Sport certification are tested to provide forefront benefits for the wearer – extra comfort, exceptional fit, targeted support and total freedom of movement.

© Eurojersey.

Lycra Sport certification - known and valued by activewear brands throughout the world – is based on a unique scientific method of measuring fabric performance, based on a combination of Comfort, Power and Energy indexes. A valuable technology for the most innovative fashion creations.

Refined elegance, future style for concept garments made from Sensitive Fabrics with Lycra Sport technology, enhancing well-being and self-confidence.

© Eurojersey.

From those ‘sweaty moments’ to energy-fuelled everyday activities, they provide the most advanced performance for sport, enclosed in high-definition prints for a look that leaves its mark, also thanks to the unique taping by Framis Italy.

Sensitive Fabrics Website

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