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New cotton-like polyester fabric for athleisure

Teijin Frontier has developed a new cotton-like high-performance polyester material for athleisure fashion.

10th June 2019

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Tokyo

Sports/​Outdoor, Clothing/​Footwear

The new cotton-like high-performance polyester material. © Teijin

Teijin Frontier, the Teijin Group’s fibres and products converting company, has developed a new cotton-like high-performance polyester material for athleisure fashion.

The new material has been developed to combine the look and texture of cotton with superior properties for moisture absorption, quick drying and UV protection. Notably, the cotton-like features are achieved with polyester filament yarn, not a staple fibre. What’s more, Teijin Frontier’s new material is eco-friendly because it is made with recycled raw materials.

Technologies incorporated in the new fabric include proprietary fibre that maximises processing effects, yarn processing technology that randomly mixes thick and thin parts in filaments, as well as  complex yarn processing technology and structure optimisation that adjusts knitting texture and density to achieve cotton-like look and texture.

The side view of the processed yarn. © Teijin

The side view of the processed yarn. © Teijin

“The demand for highly functional fabrics with pleasing textures is growing in line with the increasing popularity of athleisure fashion and sport/outdoor wearable in daily life,” the company reports. “Conventional fabrics for sport and outdoor wear achieve moisture absorption and quick heat reduction, but they are not suitable for daily use due to their unnatural textures. Cotton and cotton-blended fabrics are used commonly, but they are uncomfortable when the wearer perspires due to surface tackiness and the wet fabrics’ cold feel.”

Teijin Frontier will promote its new cotton-like high-performance polyester fabric as a key product for 2020 Autumn/Winter sport and outdoor collections and apparel markets, including fashion and uniforms.

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