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OX20 addition for odour control

Metal-free polymer neutralises odours while meeting market requirements for wash-resistance.

10th May 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Burgdorf, Switzerland


Sanitized AG is expanding its Sanitized Odorex portfolio of odour-neutralizing technologies with new OX20 for use on cotton, viscose or synthetic fibres.

It contains no biocides, is highly wash-resistant and can be combined well with other effects.

Sanitized identified the market need for textiles with an odour-neutralizing effect some years ago and its Odorex treatment resulted from several years of experience with environmentally friendly textile treatments. The company focuses heavily on the causes of unpleasant sweat odour in textiles and how to negate them. New OX20 is based on a metal-free polymer that neutralises odours while meeting market requirements for wash-resistance, with excellent results after up to 50 household washes.

“We are convinced that biocide-free solutions that fight sweat odour are on their way to becoming the new market standard,” said Urs Zihlmann, Sanitized product manager for textile additives.

The new product can be applied by extraction, pad or spray and used on all common substrates. It is also compatible with other textile effects to increase flexibility and efficiency during product design and reduce production costs.

Binders and particle systems can negatively affect a textile’s feel and moisture management but OX20 is particle-free with a long-lasting effect that does not change how the textile feels or its moisture management.


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