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Shima debuts new technology at ITMA 2019

The 566 square metre booth located at Hall 8.0, Stand B106 features a comprehensive line-up of products, including new Wholegarment knitting machines.

20th June 2019

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Barcelona

Clothing/​Footwear, Sports/​Outdoor, Construction, Industrial

MACH2VS. © Shima Seiki

Leading computerised knitting machine manufacturer Shima Seiki, of Wakayama, is participating in the international textile machinery exhibition ITMA 2019 that opened its doors today in Barcelona. The 566 square metre booth located at Hall 8.0, Stand B106 features a comprehensive line-up of its products, including new Wholegarment knitting machines, computerised flat knitting machines, and computer graphic design systems, as well as various digital solutions making their debut at ITMA.

The company is exhibiting under the theme KNITify the World—Smart Solutions in Textiles. The theme illustrates the flexibility of Shima Seiki products for catering to various industries in addition to its traditional customer base in the apparel industry. In its approach to proposing knitting as an alternative manufacturing solution for non-fashion related industries, Shima Seiki demonstrates what was impossible to knit in the past can be knit now, and what was never even considered for knitting is now made just as well – if not better – with KNITification.

“Through combined application of its patented core technology that is widely accepted as the benchmark of the industry, Shima Seiki disrupts the conventional perception of knitting, offering its benefits to prospective customers who are as yet unaware of the true and current potential that knitting possesses,” the company explains. “To this end, the latest technological contributions aimed at promoting knitted applications in various fields ranging from fashion, sports, shoes and accessories to medical, automotive, aeronautical and other wearable and industrial textile applications are on display at ITMA.”

Wholegarment machines

Three Wholegarment machines are on display at ITMA, including the new MACH2VS machine making its debut at ITMA. The flexible and versatile MACH2VS is evolved from MACH2S machines and carries on the capability to knit in a range of production styles. As a conventional shaping machine, it is capable of all-needle knitting in its available range of 8 to 16 gauge, while Wholegarment knitwear can be produced in half-gauge fabrics.

A short-needle bed version of Shima Seiki's flagship Wholegarment machine, MACH2XS103 will also be on display. The machine features the company's original SlideNeedle on four needle beds of 40-inch (100cm) knitting width. MACH2XS123, slightly larger than MACH2XS103, is equipped with the dual takedown prototype option, as well as the optional tension control device that measures the stretch characteristic of yarn beforehand and uses that data to control yarn feed at the machine.

SDS-ONE APEX4. © Shima Seiki

SDS-ONE APEX4. © Shima Seiki

The benefits of Wholegarment knitting are furthermore showcased in the MADE2FIT area of the Shima Seiki booth, demonstrating mass-customisation as only on-demand knitting technology can provide.

Smart textiles and design capabilities

Shima Seiki is also speaking on smart textiles and wearable technology at the ITMA Speakers Platform as part of the ITMA Innovation Lab. In addition to machine technology, the latest evolution of Shima Seiki's SDS-ONE APEX series 3D design system debuts at ITMA as an equally important factor in modern knit production.

SDS-ONE APEX4 provides all the functions you need in taking advantage of the integrated workflow that is the Total Fashion System. Not limited to the knit apparel industry, textile design and production requires the diversity to support ever-changing market needs, with increasing emphasis placed on speed from design to market and sustainability.

SDS-ONE APEX4 responds to such requirements by providing up to a 5x increase in programming and simulation speeds as compared to SDS-ONE APEX3. As part of its full support of planning and design needs, SDS-ONE APEX4 features the latest search functions using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

IT solutions

Aside from the technological innovations in hardware and software that make up the company's line-up of knitting machines and design systems, Shima Seiki also provides various IT solutions for assisting its customers in establishing a smart supply chain.

N.SVR123SP-SV. © Shima Seiki

N.SVR123SP-SV. © Shima Seiki

All such solutions are organised into a one-stop website called Shima Seiki Online Services and consists of the following digital solutions: staf (shima trend archive and forecast) web-based product planning tool with trend archive; Shima KnitPLM product data management, production management and monitoring system; FAQ; users' Site customer support site; yarnbank yarn sourcing website; and E-learning tutorial website.

Among other novelties at this year’s ITMA, are Shima Seiki’s new N.SVR series N.SVR123SP-SV computerised shaping machine; a newcomer N.SVR122SP-SV, which features a double KNITRAN cam system; and N.SIR183-SV featuring a 72-inch (183cm) knitting width.

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