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20th September 2018, Tokyo

Teijinconex neo fibre in new Snow Peak’s range

Snow Peak and Teijin have co-developed a new material fabric for outdoor apparel, utilising Teijin’s dyeable and flame-retardant meta-aramid fibre Teijinconex neo. The new fabric is used for a new product for TAKIBI series, Snow Peak’s high-performance outdoor clothing. The new TAKIBI Down Jacket will be introduced at Snow Peak stores on tomorrow, and pants, coveralls and vests have been released already via the company’s shop and its retail shops.

Since 2016, Teijin has been working with Snow Peak on the new TAKIBI Series utilising its Teijinconex heatproof material. Teijinconex neo, which was modified for the TAKIBI series over the past two years, is said to combine high mobility with fashionable comfort suitable for outdoor use in both the city and the countryside.

TAKIBI down jacket. © Snow Peak/Teijin

“Teijinconex neo is a heatproof and flame-retardant material similar to Teijinconex, but also boasts excellent dyeability. The TAKIBI series featuring Teijinconex neo offers both safety, including frame retardancy around campfires, and comfort,” the company explains.

Snow Peak creates high-quality camping and mountaineering products that inspire people to enjoy the outdoors. Since 2014, the company has been accelerating the development of outdoor clothing designed for both urban and country life.

TAKIBI down jacket. © Snow Peak/Teijin

According to Teijin, its collaboration with Snow Peak illustrates the company’s technological capability to adapt original high-functional materials for solutions in diverse fields, such as special colours and textures for TAKIBI outdoor clothing. Going forward, Snow Peak and Teijin expect to introduce additional outdoor wear offering enhanced performance and comfort.

Teijinconex neo line-up of Snow Peak includes the following items: TAKIBI down jacket, TAKIBI pants, TAKIBI coveralls, and TAKIBI vest.


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