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Ventile proves a hit in South Korea

Significant rise in demand for the natural, all-weather textile in Asia.

19th July 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  South Korea


Ventile, has recorded a 94.5% increase in sales to the Asian market on the back of its partnership with South Korean distributor Grimm International formed in June last year.

With Ventile Twill 225 leading the orders, the fabric manufacturer reports a significant rise in demand for its natural, all-weather textile, resulting in a substantial growth in revenue. For the first quarter of 2023, the company increased its sales by 64.36% compared to the same period in 2022 for this particular territory.

The company has also announced an increase in demand for fabric from its ECO and Organic ranges in the region, with these sales accounting for 10% of all orders. This is attributed to the growing expansion of more conscious consumers, manufacturers and distributors looking for more sustainable textile alternatives.

“For over a decade, Ventile has successfully traded in the Asian market,” said brand director Daniel Odermatt. “In 2022 we made the decision to link up with Grimm International to support our growth in this location and the sales figures from the first year of our partnership have surpassed our expectations.

“Working with regional leaders such as Grimm International is key to our expansion, allowing us to reach and engage with customers across South Korea and beyond. We are thrilled to see such significant growth and are excited about the future opportunities this market holds.”

“Ventile has proven a huge draw for the South Korean market,” added Grimm International chairman Allan Cho. “The excellent quality of the product and its rich heritage have quickly made it one of Grimm International’s premier brands.”

Ventile champions fabrics that offer increased sustainable credentials and works in partnership with the Egyptian Biodynamic Association [EBDA] to support Egyptian farmers in applying biodynamic cotton farming methods.

Developed in England in 1943, Ventile was originally designed for pilots flying over the Atlantic in World War 2. In the cockpit, Ventile proved cool and comfortable, while in the water, it was warm and impenetrable – extending survival times tenfold. Ventile suits are still worn by pilots of various air forces. Ventile fabric has looked out from the Summit of Everest, Annapura and just about every other major peak in the world and has been used for years by adventurers – most famously, by Sir Ranulph Fiennes in his crossing of the Antarctic.

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