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Stäubli to present latest technology at Techtextil 2017

Stäubli will showcase two machines that are said to fit especially well in the production process of technical textiles.

28th February 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Pfäffikon

Transport/​Aerospace, Industrial

Stäubli, a leading manufacturer of high-speed textile machinery, will two machines at the Techtextil exhibition for technical textiles and nonwovens that will take place from 9-12 May in Frankfurt, Germany.

The company has been manufacturing high-speed textile machinery since more than a century. After decades of experience as a supplier of shedding solutions for weaving machines, weaving preparation systems, and carpet weaving systems in the traditional textile industry, Stäubli continued its efforts in research and development to extend its product range.

The company now offers textile machinery dedicated to the production of technical textiles. “Weavers who count on Stäubli high-performance machinery benefit from features like high reliability and flexibility will be able to take the lead on the market of technical textiles with innovative and creative products for countless applications,” the company explains.

On display

Stäubli will showcase two machines that are said to fit especially well in the production process of technical textiles. Furthermore, on display will be a selection of technical fabrics including spacers and multilayers with variable thickness that have been produced in conjunction with Stäubli products, such as TF weaving systems, dobbies, Jacquard machines, warp drawing-in, or tying equipment.

The Magma T12 warp tying machine has been developed for technical yarn ties monofilaments, coarse multi-filaments, PP ribbons, bast fibres, coarse staple fibres, and many other fibre types. It has been developed for universal application ranging from coarse technical yarns to medium yarn-count range. Its rigid design includes an optical double-end detection system. MAGMA is demonstrated at the booth tying monofilament, diameter 0.40mm, density 7 threads/cm, 4 canister, 140 threads each.      

UNIVAL 100 single-end control Jacquard machine. © Stäubli

The UNIVAL 100 single-end control Jacquard machine is said to offer more benefits for sophisticated technical textiles, such as automotive and aeronautic textiles, technical textiles in the sports, industrial, medical sectors, and new fabric constructions, even with glass fibre, carbon, and Kevlar.

New TF weaving system

Information will be provided about new TF weaving system providing individual system configuration and maximum flexibility. This system is designed to offer virtually unlimited weaving possibilities, whether for flat, spacer, or complex multi-layer fabrics and 3D fabrics, the company reports.

TF weaving system (configuration example). © Stäubli

Featuring latest shedding machines in combination with the double-rapier weft insertion system and a special slaying motion this system is said to allow high-volume production of up to very thick and/or dense fabrics and efficient processing of a wide variety of technical and highly sensitive yarns. This weaving system is available featuring various machinery combinations and set-ups for weaving any application and desired technical fabric.

With its Schönherr carpet systems branch, Stäubli will also inform visitors about the ALPHA 500 LEANTEC weaving system allowing the production of superior high-quality synthetic grass and greige material for printing.

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