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5th October 2018, Parsippany, NJ

Sun Chemical releases latest Regulatory Newsletter

The latest newsletter features regulatory updates from REACH and other organisations.Sun Chemical has released its Fall 2018 Regulatory Newsletter for customers and has made it, along with all other regulatory newsletters over the past five years, available online for download at the new webpage.

“Sun Chemical is a leader in regulatory and compliance issues and works closely with customers to help them comply with the strict standards required by brand owners and regulations,” said Gary Andrzejewski, Corporate Vice President, Environmental Affairs, Sun Chemical.

“Our regulatory newsletters are one way to show our customers that we’re paying close attention to the latest happenings in compliance worldwide. Backed by a significant investment in R&D, our recognised leadership comes from the right selection of raw materials that allow us to design solutions that meet customer needs and comply with the latest regulations and requirements across the globe.”

The latest newsletter features regulatory updates from: REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals); the EU CLP legislation (EC No. 1272/2006); Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 on cosmetic products; the US Food and Drug Administration’s Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act; China’s Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics; the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) from the Arab Gulf Cooperation states, Brazil and China; safety legislation of toys in Ukraine; and NFPA 652 issued by the US National Fire Protection Association.

“It is the responsibility of brand owners to ensure their partners and suppliers are delivering products that have been fully tested and meet all applicable regulations, whether in Europe, South America, North America or Asia,” said Andrzejewski. “Sun Chemical is a partner our customers can rely on to ensure the products they purchase are safe.”

Some examples of products recently launched that comply with some of the strictest global standards include a portfolio of energy curable inks, which meet low migration standards and are BPA-free, including SunBeam Advance EB, SunCure Advance UV, SunCure Accuflex UV and SunCure UV LED inks. Other inks recently introduced with higher levels of bio-renewable content include SunSpectro SolvaGreen and SunVisto AquaGreen inks.


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