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Sustainable options with Phantom

Ecological, performance and cost advantages through the introduction of pulp.

22nd February 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Miami, FL, USA


Oerlikon Nonwoven will highlight its Phantom technology at the forthcoming IDEA nonwovens show in Miami from March 28-31.

The co-form technology for manufacturing various wet wipes from mixtures of pulp and polymer fibres combines the spunmelt and airlaid processes. The material mix can comprise up to 90% cellulose fibres and alternatively, cotton or synthetics can also be added.

Compared to processes such as classical spunlace, the patented Phantom technology offers ecological, performance and cost advantages. The process stands out above all in respect of energy efficiency and water consumption, as well as user-friendliness.

Dispensing with hydroentanglement renders subsequent drying of the material redundant. Product parameters such as softness, tenacity, dirt absorption and liquid absorption can be optimally set and the technology enables the manufacture of both flexible and absorbent structures and highly-textured materials.

Pulp or cellulose fibres as raw materials for manufacturing nonwovens are currently unrivalled in terms of sustainability and environmental compatibility.

The Oerlikon Nonwoven airlaid process is the ideal solution for processing this raw material into high-end products for a wide range of applications. Today, there is huge demand for manufacturing solutions for high-quality, lightweight airlaid nonwovens with economically-attractive production speeds and system throughputs, the company says. Here, the patented Oerlikon Nonwoven formation process sets standards for homogeneous fibre laying and evenness with low running metre weights. In addition, it allows the homogeneous mixing of the most diverse raw materials, including pulp, short and long-staple natural and manmade fibers (up to 20mm) and powders, as well as the utilisation and combination of the most diverse mechanical, thermal and chemical entangling methods for creating the requisite product properties.

Oerlikon Nonwoven’s airlaid technology is also perfectly suited to expanding typical spunlace systems in order to add a cellulose layer to the product that, for example, improves the water absorbency of wipes using a low-cost and biodegradable raw material.

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