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Digital denim twins for Crystal

True-to-life digital garments allow greater collaboration through product development.

16th December 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Hong Kong

Clothing/​Footwear, Sustainable

Crystal Denim plans to bring digital twins of its speciality denim fabrics to users of the VStitcher 3D design platform via a new partnership with Browzwear

The integration will give designers and manufacturers of denim garments greater ability to visualise designs in realistic 3D, which enables quick and easy creative exploration. The true-to-life digital garments also allow greater collaboration through product development while their accuracy supports faster, more confident decision-making.  

A subsidiary of Hong Kong-based Crystal International Group (CIGL) – a global manufacturer which delivered 410 million pieces of apparel to some of the world’s top brands in 2021 – Crystal Denim has been working with Browzwear since 2008.

By 2019, the denim division had converted to 100% digital workflows for co-creation projects with customers and reduced sample production by over 75% during the initial development stage, significantly reducing turnaround times, the consumption of materials and energy and water consumption. 

The new partnership, which will enable other businesses to realise 3D’s benefits toward efficiency and sustainability, is part of CIGL’s commitment to working with stakeholders throughout the industry. The company is a signatory of the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action (UNFICCA) as well as a member and partner of coalitions including the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and Global Fashion Agenda (GFA).

“Browzwear has been an important partner to Crystal Denim as we strive for a net-zero emission future, not only for our company but for our industry overall,” said Miles Lam, assistant general manager of sales and business development at Crystal Denim.

“In an industry as challenging as fashion, Crystal Denim’s willingness to share tools and technologies with others has conveyed a competitive edge,” added Hanan Lifshitz, VP of product at New York-based Browzwear.

The Crystal Denim fabric library will be available for use in the VStitcher 2021.3 Edition onwards, as well as featured in several new learning resources catering to denim design with Vstitcher.

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