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New cogeneration plant for Klopman’s factory in Frosinone

The European leader in the production of fabrics for workwear continues to invest in sustainability.

3rd July 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Frosinone

Protective, Clothing/​Footwear, Sustainable

Klopman, European leader in the production of workwear fabrics, has announced plans to construct a cogeneration plant for its Frosinone production facility. The objective is to replace the existing thermoelectric plant to supply energy to the entire facility within a year.

The new power plant will produce thermal energy and electricity at the same time. This way, almost all the thermal energy produced in the combustion process will be recovered and reused. In a traditional thermoelectric plant, only about 35% of the fuel is transformed into electricity. The remaining 65% is not used and is instead released into the environment in the form of heat, known as thermal energy, the company explains. Klopman’s new plant has been designed to modulate both the electricity supply and the thermal energy supply, to cope with changes in demand from the facility.

Before the construction. © Klopman

Thanks to its efficiency, the new plant will allow a 58.9% reduction in carbon monoxide, 72.1% nitrogen oxide (NOx) and 59.5% of dust, as well as achieving savings of around 4500 tons of CO2 a year, according to the manufacturer. The company says these results are fully in line with the emissions reduction and air quality improvement targets set by the Regional Plan.

“The brand-new cogeneration plant represents an important investment from an environmental point of view. It makes us particularly proud and represents our latest action addressing the issue of sustainability, a Klopman priority for years,” said Alfonso Marra, CEO of Klopman.

The new power plant will produce thermal energy and electricity at the same time. © Klopman

“Attention to the environment is one of our distinctive characteristics visible throughout the production process. With the new power plant, even the production of energy will meet the most advanced criteria of efficiency and environmental sustainability, a mark of respect for the territory that hosts us. Special thanks go to the Provincial Institution, to the Municipality of Frosinone and to all the other institutions that have been involved in the process that has led, thanks to their sensitivity and technical ability, to this important result.”

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