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PEFC launches new Fashions Change Forests Stay campaign

New campaign aims to raise industry awareness of the importance of sourcing materials from sustainably managed forests.

23rd October 2020

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Geneva, Switzerland


The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), has announced the launch of a new campaign to raise industry awareness of the importance of sourcing materials from sustainably managed forests.

PEFC, the world’s largest forest certification organisation, is launching the campaign to draw attention to the value of sourcing natural forest fibres, such as viscose, acetate and lyocell, from sustainably managed forests to transform the environmental impact of the fashion industry and support the vitality of the world’s forests.

PEFC aims to support and encourage fashion brands and retailers to make responsible procurement choices, drawing on the sustainable management of forests around the world. Natural and renewable forest fibres have a huge potential to help the fashion industry on its sustainability journey, but must be sourced responsibly from a sustainable origin, proved via the PEFC chain of custody certification mechanism, PEFC says.

Full details of PEFC’s position and roadmap to a more sustainable future can be found in the campaign brochure (downloadable below), which also outlines how PEFC supports retailers in responding to consumer demand, increasing business resilience and meeting their climate goals.

Animation by Sam Pierpoint

To bring to life how positive choices from the fashion industry can directly support forests, preserve biodiversity and contribute to rural livelihoods, PEFC has worked with paper artist Sam Pierpoint to create a thought-provoking, unique online animation.

The ‘Fashions Change, Forests Stay’ world is a detailed and intricate piece of work, expertly hand crafted by Sam Pierpoint with certified paper. The animation scenes unfold with an exploration into the value of forests, before we are taken on a journey to explore the connection between forests and fashion, and the potential for forest fibres to help the fashion industry on its way to becoming more sustainable.

White paper reveals role of forest management in sustainable fashion

PEFC will also release a new white paper, which demonstrates that sustainable forest fibres,  such as viscose, acetate and lyocell, play a vital role in helping fashion brands and retailers meet their commitments to tackling climate change.

“By launching the ‘Fashions Change, Forests Stay’ campaign today, we’re hoping to spark a new conversation amongst the fashion industry on the role it can play in protecting the world’s forests – which is arguably our best climate change solution,” said Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC.

“We look forward to work with fashion brands and retailers and help them maximise their impact through sustainable forest management. Together, we can make a difference for the future of the fashion industry, our forests and the world.”

PEFC Collaboration Roadmap – Five Steps by 2025

The campaign launches a new PEFC Collaboration Roadmap to help brands and retailers understand the steps that they can take to ensure their business supports and benefits from sustainable forest management.

PEFC is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management worldwide. Created by small, family forest owners in 1999, it has grown to become the world’s largest forest certification system. In 2020 close to 75% of certified forest area globally is certified to PEFC standards, and its mission is to continue unlocking and building on the full contribution of forests for a sustainable world.

PEFC provides two types of certification; in the forest and through the value chain:

- Through PEFC forest management standards we ensure that forests are managed in line with strict international requirements, allowing trees to regrow and helping to maintain biodiversity and the balance of the ecosystem. We also require forest owners to support the socio-economic development of forest communities.

- Though PEFC chain of custody certification we enable suppliers to track forest-based products from their origin to the final product, monitoring each step of the supply chain.

PEFC Website

Download PEFC Brochure

Download PEFC White Paper

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