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29th June 2018, Milan

Thermore presents 100% recycled blow-in insulation

Thermore, a leading Italian producer of thermal insulation for apparel and sleeping bags, has announced a release of its new sustainable product, Ecodown Fibers.

Despite the efforts of the apparel industry to move towards a more sustainable and cruelty-free approach, recent surveys report that 80% of cold weather clothing is still insulated with duck feathers. This is mainly due to the lack of a synthetic solution that provides the same look and loft as down.

Close up of Ecodown Fibers unique multi-shape structure. © Thermore

Ecodown Fibers ensure the same loft as high quality 90/10 feathers and can likewise be blown into a garment, according to the company. The loft of down products is calculated with the “fill power test”: fibres are blown through a cylinder and their volume is measured. The higher the “fill power”, the puffier the jacket. Tests performed on Ecodown Fibers have reported an outstanding fill power of over 600, which is how the product is able to guarantee that “puffy” look, the company explains.

The insulation is also durable due to its multi-shape structure, which is said to allow high resistance and prevent it from clumping when washed. “Not only are Ecodown fibres animal-free, but they are also made from 100% PET bottles. Every jacket insulated with Thermore’s fibers allows recycling up to 10 post consumer bottles. Along with a warm feel, the insulation achieves a soft touch without the use of microfibers, which would contaminate oceans and, ultimately, our own food,” the company says.

“Designers can finally let their creativity flow with no limitations, knowing Ecodown Fibers will allow them not only to recreate that puffy down look, but also to support environmental sustainability.”

Visitors can see Ecodown Fibers presented at the forthcoming trade shows, including Milano Unica, Performance Days New York City and Outdoor Retailer next month, as well as at Munich Fabric Start and Première Vision in September.


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