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15th November 2017, Greensboro, NC

Unifi recycles 10 billionth bottle

The recycled bottles used to create Repreve fibre, filament and chip instead of virgin equivalent can save enough energy to power 95,000 homes for one year.In honour of America Recycles Day, Unifi, a leader in branded recycled performance fibres, has announced the company has recycled more than 10 billion plastic bottles. Building from that momentum, Unifi is targeting 20 billion bottles recycled by 2020 and 30 billion bottles by 2022. 

To recognise customers who have partnered for this achievement, Unifi is launching the Repreve Champions of Sustainability Awards.

“Reaching 10 billion bottles is an impressive milestone, and by committing to recycle an additional 20 billion by 2022, we will continue to expand our portfolio of Repreve-based performance products,” said Kevin Hall, CEO of Unifi. “With nearly 70% of plastic bottles in the US going to landfills, America Recycles Day is a perfect time to remind people to recycle more and buy sustainable products. Repreve provides a solution for plastic bottles as long as they make it to a recycling bin.”

Unifi saw an opportunity to incorporate recycled plastic bottles into Repreve, providing a sustainable solution to brands and retailers. The Repreve Champions of Sustainability Awards will acknowledge those companies who are committed to manufacturing sustainable products with Repreve performance fibres.

“Unifi could not have reached the 10 billion bottle milestone without the commitment from our customers to provide earth-friendly products, and the Repreve Champions of Sustainability Awards give us the opportunity to thank our partners who helped make it possible,” added Mr Hall.

“A vast difference can be made if more companies recognize the impact they have on our planet and take steps to reduce it. The Repreve Champions of Sustainability Awards are meant to honour and inspire companies to source responsibly and take sustainability strategies to the next level.”

The 2017 winners of the Repreve Champions of Sustainability Awards will be announced at the 2018 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Denver, CO, in January.


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