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Taiwan Textile Federation promotes technical and composite textiles in India

The Taiwan pavilion displayed Taiwan’s latest textiles and composites, showcasing pioneering technologies.

13th April 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Mumbai

Industrial, Sports/​Outdoor, Protective, Medical/Hygiene, Transport/​Aerospace, Clothing/​Footwear, Construction

Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) & the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) formed Taiwan Pavilion jointly with Taiwan Composites Association (TCA) at Technotex 2015 that took place last weekend in Mumbai at Bombay Convention Exhibition Centre, Goregaon.

The Taiwan pavilion displayed Taiwan’s latest textiles and composites, showcasing pioneering technologies. Taiwan participated with 18 companies producing high-end composites, innovative technical textiles, raw materials, accessories and nonwoven machinery.

Indian markets

“The Indian industry – functional, technical and composite – is growing at a great pace. The Indian composite industry is pegged at Rs. 15,000 crore with an expected growth of 15% per annum over the next four years,” said Sean Tsai, Taiwan Textile Federation.

“The Indian technical textile industry is around Rs. 24,000 crores (10% of global market) and expected annual growth rate is 10%.The need of the hour for Indian manufacturing is quality, reliability and consistency. Taiwan is one of the very few suppliers in the world who can fulfil the above criteria and help the industry grow exponentially.”

Opportunities for expansion

“India is a very dynamic market with a lot of potential and scope for Taiwanese companies to expand their export market. Taiwanese composite and technical textile companies are keen to penetrate their products in India with the growing demand and consumption of technical textiles,” continued Sean Tsai.

“The multiple industries and sectors Taiwan is focusing on are automotive, defence, police, fire departments, sports gear and apparel, rainwear, outdoor tents and canopies, protective and safety products, architecture and construction, logistics and warehousing, public sector units (PSU), home textiles, composite textiles (FRP, fibreglass and carbon fibre), nonwoven machinery, public transportation, luggage and footwear, electronics and appliance, etc.”

Taiwan’s functional textiles

Taiwan’s functional textiles market has invested a lot of resources in textile technology innovation, the federation reports. Today, they produce fabrics, which are anti-bacteria, water repellent, and moisture transferring amongst others. This is why most of the largest sportswear and outerwear manufacturers and retailers usually source active wear fabric from Taiwan, the organisation believes.

Shri. Sandeep Kumar Gangwar, Union Minister of Textile, Sean Tsai, Overseas Market Development, and Dr  Ma National Chair Professor (Ministry of Education) © Taiwan Textile Federation

Taiwan has an international reputation for technical textile development. Companies are exhibiting a wide range of application fields like protective, performance functional, eco-friendly, mobile, non-woven and new materials for architectural and geotechnical construction.

Products exhibited at Taiwan’s pavilion included nylon 6/66 chip and performance filament, high tenacity yarn, multi-functional fabric / 2-4 laminated fabric, protective fabric, rainwear fabric and synthetic leather, TPU, performance zipper and apparel accessory, nonwoven machinery, and reinforced fabrics / FRP.

Composites industry

The composites industry is one of the key industries in Taiwan and has been in development in Taiwan for the past sixty years. Taiwan stands fourth in the world in the carbon fibre capacity and 30% of electronic grade glass fibres are manufactured in Taiwan.

The Composites showcased at 2015 Technotex India included:

  • Fibres for industry textiles like carbon fibre, glass fibre, aramid fibre, basalt fibre and hybrid fibre with fine denier, high tensile/modulus, low dielectric constant, high temperature/thermal stability and flame resistance, etc.
  • Weaving textile products, like unidirectional, multidirectional, prepreg with unique processing technologies such as coating, electroplating metalizing, colorizing, jacquard printing, etc.
  • End products, such as cloud printed circuit board, high frequency copper-clad-laminates, automobile composite, control-plate for air conditioner, furniture/decoration, parts for 3C devices, sporting goods, filtration materials, civil and construction, high performance coating and prepreg material, etc.

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