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Tajima software integrates Coloreel control

Efficient and convenient way for users to create high-quality, full colour embroidered designs.

23rd May 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Sweden


Tajima Software Solutions is incorporating the Coloreel colouring system into its leading DG16 embroidery design software.

The integration now makes it easy to assign any Coloreel colour and effect directly into the design creation workflow and users no longer need to use a separate programme to specify the colours of their embroidery designs for the Coloreel unit.

A single software programme allows for faster design creation and easier modification of existing designs. Additionally, there is a reduced risk of mixing up stitching and colouring files. With all stitch and colour data now contained in one file, it is also more convenient to create multi-thread embroideries by combining Coloreel thread and traditional pre-coloured embroidery threads.

Coloreel technology enables the high-quality and instant dyeing of a textile thread while it is actually being used in embroidery production.

Advanced high-speed drive technology allow a single needle to carry out what it previously required many multiples of them to do – and with much more consistent stitch quality.

By instantly dyeing a recycled white thread during production, the system enables complete freedom to create unique decorations and embroideries without any limitations. Colour changes along the thread can either be made rapidly from one solid colour to another, or gradually, to make smooth transitions or any colouring effect desired.

“The Coloreel option provides a more efficient and convenient way for customers to create high-quality embroidered designs,” said Mattias Nordin, SVP of product management and business development at Coloreel. “We believe that this integrated solution will further enhance the creativity and productivity of our customers.”


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