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Technical Absorbents
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4th October 2019, New York, NY

Taking another step toward optimising on-demand manufacturing

OnPoint Manufacturing's Kirby Best and Gerber's Karsten Newbury. © Gerber Technology

OnPoint Manufacturing's Kirby Best and Gerber's Karsten Newbury. © Gerber Technology

OnPoint Manufacturing, a leader in on-demand personalised apparel manufacturing, has announced the arrival and installation of Gerber Technology’s new GERBERcutter Z1 cutter and the AccuMark suite of products at OnPoint’s headquarters in Florence, AL. 

The software and Industry 4.0 cutter installation is the next phase of a larger strategic partnership between OnPoint and Gerber Technology that was first announced in late 2018 when Gerber launched its FashionTech Platform 1.0. The cutter, along with Gerber’s software suite, is the next step forward in moving toward optimisation of end-to-end, on-demand manufacturing.

“We are setting up for a total inline system where we can go from direct-to-print to direct-to-manufacturing,” said J. Kirby Best, CEO of OnPoint Manufacturing. “While we are still determining a final digital press solution, using Gerber’s software suite and automated cutting systems like the Z1 moves us closer to our end goal. Each system we implement makes our manufacturing process more efficient and helps our customers get from concept to production more quickly.”


For the past 50 years, Gerber has been transforming data flow and connectivity from cloud-based YuniquePLM and AccuMark 2D/3D software solutions sending data to Industry 4.0 enabled GERBERcutter Z1 cutters to power efficient on-demand production processes. The Z1 cutter is a next generation automated cutting solution for single-ply materials.

To sustain this model of transformation, Gerber recently patented two solutions, which are designed to provide unique advantages for an on-demand digital print workflow. Within its industry-leading AccuMark software, they have patented a unique ICC colour profile to ensure design integrity through the print process.

Secondly, Gerber’s latest concept, PrintSync, is a device which allows a hands-free and continuous workflow from printing through the final cut parts, synchronizing the material from any digital printer to the speed of the cutter. 

Streamlining the entire process

“We are incredibly proud to partner with OnPoint Manufacturing,” said Karsten Newbury, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, Gerber Technology. “OnPoint has developed technically advanced automated manufacturing and, combined with our unique end-to-end solution, this partnership will pave the way for true personalised on-demand manufacturing, which is what today’s consumers are increasingly expecting.”   

“We are excited to be working with OnPoint to implement our fully integrated, print-to-cut system featuring our Z1 with ContourVision and our new PrintSync,” said Leonard Marano, Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, Automation Systems, Gerber Technology. “The in-line production systems, combined with the automated packaging and delivery systems already in place at OnPoint, will set the benchmark for production efficiency in the growing world of on-demand fashion.”

OnPoint’s on-demand manufacturing model is said to deliver exceptional value and quality by giving customers exactly what they want when they want it. Use of Gerber’s software and technology is expected to further drive costs down as software is integrated and open to other software allowing data to seamlessly pass from one step to another. Ultimately this will streamline the entire process from design to final product by improving not only lead time, but also reducing costs and bottom line while reducing errors and waste.


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