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30th September 2019, Cambridge

Avenues of opportunity for textiles manufacturers

Peter George.  © FMGInside Composites talks to Peter George, senior consultant for the Future Materials Group (FMG).

What are the key attractions of the composites industry for manufacturers of technical textiles?

Peter George: The global composites market is a relatively young and dynamic industry with strong growth rates and attractive margins and offers a range of opportunities and benefits for companies in adjacent markets looking to diversify. The overall market is divided into an estimated US$ 30 billion industry for raw materials (fibres and resin) which is converted into composite parts worth about three times as much, creating a market estimated at US$ 95 billion with a growth rate of approximately 8% per annum.

With good value propositions and sustainable margins, it is clear to see why diversification into composites, especially by those skilled in the processing of fibres, can be seen as such an attractive strategic option.

Several combining factors make this new market appealing...

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