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19th July 2013, Heywood

Tamicare to scale up 3D printed disposables

UK based Tamicare has moved to a new 1800 square metre site in Heywood, Greater Manchester where it will intensify its activities collaborating with companies from different sectors, which are interested in its Cosyflex 3D printed nonwovens technology for disposable hygiene products and other applications.

CEO Tamar Giloh commented on the move: “We are expanding our business activity – our pilot plant is very busy creating different samples according to third parties interest. At this new site we are going to set up a mass production line for Cosyflex – 3D fabric printing products.”

“The new line, which we designed, is partially financed by a government grant. So far we were approached by companies, both national and international leaders, in the hygiene industry, cosmetics, medical, sports and fashion, looking for business collaboration,” she added.

Cosyflex is a revolutionary nonwoven fabric, based on a unique combination of natural elastomer and cotton fibres, which is made using 3D printing technology which deposits layers of material to build up the fabric/product. According to Tamicare, Cosyflex is the only commercially viable green nonwoven which provides all-direction elasticity and microporosity.

Tamicare’s new premises in Heywood, Greater Manchester.

Properties claimed for Cosyflex are all-direction elasticity, leak proof, breathable (microporous), soft and comfortable, dyeable, can be made into any pattern, natural, made from sustainable resources, uses only purified natural latex and full biodegradability.

Commenting on Cosyflex applications, Tamar Giloh said: “Cosyflex fabric is the cornerstone of Fashion Hygiene and is used to create high-end fashionable, disposable hygiene products. With Cosyflex based personal care products, users can feel stylish and confident, enjoying peace of mind as they go about their regular activities, day or night.”

“Other applications for medical, veterinary and outdoor activities are within the list of applications for this outstanding fabric,” she added.

Cosyflex products are made directly from a combination of liquid latex and textile fibres using Tamicare’s unique forming process. Excess raw materials used in manufacturing process are immediately reclaimed into the machine and re-used. Cosyflex manufacturing is also said to require substantially lower energy in comparison to traditional conversion-based technologies.

Tamicare was founded in 2001 by a group of experienced Israeli entrepreneurs, with the ambition to solve problems affecting the daily life quality of families. It has invested twelve years in research and development and succeeded to develop a proven proprietary breakthrough technology in the field of nonwovens. Its revolutionary Cosyflex fabric is said to allow the production of high-end protective hygiene products with uncompromised leakage protection, odour prevention and fashionable style.


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