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15th March 2018, Grimsby

Technical Absorbents presents new SAF branding

A new logo has been introduced to help raise further awareness of the innovative technology across a wide range of industries. © Technical AbsorbentsTechnical Absorbents (TAL), the UK based manufacturer of super absorbents and nonwoven materials, is introducing a new branding strategy for its range of Super Absorbent Fibre (SAF) products. “The acronym SAF has always been associated with the technology, and a new logo has been introduced to help strengthen this and raise further awareness of the innovative technology, across a wide range of industries,” the company explains.

The logo will now be used as the umbrella brand on all marketing materials for fibre and all converted product offerings, e.g. SAF Fabric and SAF Yarn. It will also be used when targeting specific markets, e.g. SAF Cable, SAF Hygiene, etc.

In addition to the new logo, the company has also launched a new marketing campaign, which centres on inviting people to explore SAF and understand its benefits in given applications. This campaign will evolve as 2018 progresses.

“The functionality of our converted products always relate back to the core technology – SAF – and this message is something the company is now keen to reinforce,” commented Commercial Director Paul Rushton. “To go back to basics and re-focus on the SAF brand was a decision we made in early 2017. We are already extremely active from a marketing perspective – globally – but there is a real opportunity to enhance this by building brand equity and making SAF synonymous with super absorbency.

“We started working with our marketing agency on this towards the middle of last year and are delighted with the results. The new logo isn’t far removed from the simple wording that the industries we work in are used to, but a fibre-like flick has been introduced to make it more complete.”

SAF was first manufactured in the early 1990’s. Since then, sales have increased year-on-year and the applications in which it is used have diversified. This growth has been supported by the development and sales of nonwoven fabrics, and the company has also had significant commercial interest in superabsorbent yarns from different industries.



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