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Technical Fibre Products to introduce new developments at CAMX 2015

The company will showcase a novel Tecnofire fire protection material, the first of its kind which can be activated on demand, without heat.

15th October 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Schenectady

Medical/Hygiene, Transport/​Aerospace, Industrial, Civil Engineering, Construction

Technical Fibre Products (TFP) will be exhibiting the company’s advanced nonwoven materials at CAMX, the composites and advanced materials exhibition that will be held in Dallas, TX, from 27-29 October.

The company will showcase products from its Optiveil, Optimat and Tecnofire ranges. These include a novel Tecnofire fire protection material, the first of its kind which can be activated on demand, without heat, according to the manufacturer. The mat has been designed for use in a remotely activated fire protection system and, due to the presence of the conductive fibres, has the added benefit of acting as an EMI shield.

Also on display will be TFP’s new, extended range of high performance thermoplastic veils; including PPS, PEI, PEEK, polyamide and polyimide. These materials have been developed specifically to significantly improve the interlaminar toughness of a composite structure, increasing resistance to both mode-I and mode-II fracture with minimal modifications to the manufacturing process necessary.

Presenting at CAMX conference

These new materials will also feature in the CAMX conference programme. Mandy Clement, TFP's Technology Manager, will be presenting at the CAMX conference on the topic of Enhancing composites using wet-laid nonwovens.

Mandy will introduce these novel nonwoven developments, discussing how TFP's lightweight, functional materials can be used to enhance a wide range of composite properties such as Fire Resistance, EMI Shielding and composite survivability.

Optiveil and Optimat ranges

In addition to these new developments, CAMX visitors can find out more about TFP’s Optiveil and Optimat ranges at the show. These have been specifically designed to provide multiple benefits; enabling a high quality surface finish whilst simultaneously imparting surface functionality such as conductivity, EMI shielding and corrosion and abrasion resistance to a composite structure.

TFP veil. © Technical Fibre Products

Other benefits are said to include the use of dielectric nonwovens to prevent galvanic corrosion, which occurs when aluminium or other metals come into contact with carbon fibre in a composite structure. The nonwoven provides an extremely uniform, lightweight barrier between the two materials to isolate them, stopping an electrochemical reaction occurring, the company reports.

In addition, the ultra lightweight veils, from 2 g/m², are an effective carrier or support for adhesive films, ensuring a minimum weight addition whilst improving handling and setting the bond line.

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