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Browzwear digihubs in Bangladesh and China

Accelerating large-scale digital transformation in the industry.

28th September 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  New York


New York-based Browzwear is opening 3D product development sharing and training centres in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Dongguan, China.

The new “digi-hubs” will provide upskilling and peer-to-peer sharing to the garment industry in both manufacturing-heavy regions, enabling employees of manufacturers and suppliers as well as individual designers, pattern-makers, technical designers and others to become proficient in the latest 3D technology and its application to product design and development.

Throughout the programne, attendees will gain hands-on experience working with Browzwear’s VStitcher, a 3D platform used throughout the industry. In addition to building 3D prototyping skills, the hubs will also feature fabric digitization that includes Browzwear’s Fabric Analyzer and Vizoo’s scanning system, which translate the physical properties and textures of textiles, respectively, enabling true-to-life 3D simulation and rendering.

The new “digi-hubs” will provide upskilling and peer-to-peer sharing to the garment industry. © Browzwear

The objective of the hubs is  to accelerate large-scale digital transformation in the industry, which will, in turn, create efficiencies, reduce waste and increase sustainability.

“The Covid-19 pandemic brought to light many of the inequities in the global apparel supply chain while showcasing the importance of digital transformation for the entire industry,” said Sharon Lim, co-founder and CEO  of Browzwear. “We are incredibly proud to be part of the solution that empowers both businesses and professionals, particularly in regions where the inequities have had an outsized impact.”

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