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Technical Absorbents
Technical Absorbents

6th October 2020, New York City

Chargeurs partners with CLO in 3D digital design process

© Chargeurs*PCC Fashion Technologies.

Chargeurs*PCC Fashion Technologies has launched an industry-first, exclusive global partnership with CLO Virtual Fashion, a leader in 3D garment simulation technology. Through the collaboration, Chargeurs’ interlining products will be made available as digitized assets on CLO’s platform, enabling fashion and apparel designers to add the interlinings directly into their 3D virtual designs.

Chargeurs’ assets are the only interlinings that will be available on the platform and their addition by CLO will empower designers to digitally iterate complete designs in real time, ultimately creating more accurate virtual garments.

“Our partnership with CLO is a game-changing technology initiative, as we are the first company in the interlinings industry to make our products available as digitized assets that can instantly be added to 3D virtual fashion designs,” said Angela Chan, Managing Director and President of Chargeurs*PCC Fashion Technologies.

“Designers will now be able to easily pull in our digitized interlinings to complete their visual creations and ensure true and proper fit on-screen in CLO’s 3D design program. In the past, designers had no ability to access digitized interlinings, so they could only make a best guess as to how a garment would truly fit, drape and look.”

Chargeurs’ exclusive partnership with CLO will enable designers to create more accurate 3D visual simulations of garments, driving faster speed to market for brands. The addition of the digital interlining assets to the CLO platform will also provide significant sustainability benefits, including reducing waste and resource usage by eliminating the need to create and ship physical samples back and forth among product development and manufacturing teams that are typically located in different regions across the globe.

“We’re extremely proud to be Chargeurs’ partner in innovation through this global initiative,” said Simon Kim, CEO of CLO Virtual Fashion. “By adding Chargeurs’ interlining products to our platform as digital assets, we will help apparel design companies shorten their lead times by making the design process more efficient and comprehensive, eliminating miscommunication and guesswork, and reducing waste and energy usage associated with physical sample making and shipping.”

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