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Technical Absorbents
Technical Absorbents

1st August 2018, Paris

French technology on show at ITMA Asia + CITME 2018

UCMTF, the French Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association, will be exhibiting at a booth together with other CEMATEX association's members, at the upcoming ITMA Asia + CITME exhibition that takes place in October, in Shanghai, China.

According to the trade association, the trade fair is an outstanding opportunity for the Asian and the Chinese textiles industry in particular to meet the French textile machinery manufacturers, who are the sixth textile machinery exporters worldwide.

N. Schlumberger offers complete fibre-to-yarn lines for the production of technical yarns as well as yarns for weaving, hosiery, hand knitting, and more. © N. Schlumberger

“When I travel across China I am always astonished by the speed of the changes. For example, transportation is now so easy with the high-speed train system, pollution is much less than it was, Chinese men and women are looking for high-quality and fashion whether in apparel or home textiles. These trends together with the rise of the salaries make it a must for the textile industrialists to invest in the best machines. These machines have to be productive, efficient, reliable, energy and environment friendly,” commented Evelyne Cholet, the association Secretary General.

“The machines our members will introduce in Shanghai have all of these characteristics; moreover, the services our members offer in China with their own subsidiaries, service centres and with their local representatives are really at the top.”

NSC Fibre to Yarn

At ITMA Asia 2018, NSC Fibre to Yarn, which includes N. Schlumberger and Seydel trademarks, will exhibit one drawing head of the new model GC40 chain gill drawing machine, known for producing high-quality yarn in long staple fibres for combing, recombing, spinning preparation and tow to top in polyester and acrylic.

NSC Fibre to Yarn will focus on its latest technological advances made to its product range: a new GC40 family drawing machines, the GN8 intersecting drawing machine, and the evolution of its ERA comber will be particularly unveiled to the Chinese and international customers. At the exhibition, the company will also introduce its service centre with its genuine spare parts stock in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu.


Laroche has been a major player in the textile waste recycling and airlaid nonwovens field and is now deeply involved in new technologies for turning post-consumer goods into valuable products.

Laroche is a major player in the textile waste recycling and airlaid nonwovens field. © Laroche

Some recent developments include special lines that can open used clothing back into fibres whilst removing the metal and plastic contaminants. The fibres can then be airlaid and thermobonded into felts for the automotive, bedding and furniture industries. Old mattresses can be deconstructed, and the foam can be shredded into chips, the textile portion can be opened back into fibres and both can be airlaid and thermobonded back into components for new mattresses.


Superba, member of the Van de Wiele family of companies, is a leader in space dyeing and heat setting for carpet yarn (PP, PES, PAN, wool, and blends). Present on the Chinese market since 1992, Superba has a subsidiary in Shanghai (SSRO), offering sales and technical support, as well as a stock of spare-parts.

“The recent improvements in Superba’s space-dyeing technology, like bicolour printing, or dyeing polyester yarn, are likely to arise great interest among the Chinese manufacturers looking for innovative end-products,” the company says. “The staff will welcome customers as well as all interested parties to share their projects on the common booth with the mother company Van de Wiele.”

FIL Control

For more than 35 years, FIL Control has been developing and producing electronic devices for both machinery manufacturers (OEM) and textile industrialists. The company stands as one of the market leaders in four major fields: yarn cutters, yarn sensors that utilise capacitive, optical, reflective and piezoelectric technology, hall effect sensors, and quality control devices, such as tension sensors and digital length meters.

Superba is a leader in space dyeing and heat setting for carpet yarn. © Superba

At the exhibition, the company will present its new tension sensor MYT-T – a load cell sensor devoted to assembling, winding and texturing operations: high count (400 to 10,000 DTex) and high tensioned yarn (up to 4,000g). The sensor delivers an analogue signal proportional to yarn tension, and this information will be used by a machine controller to keep yarn tension constant or stop the spindle if tension is out of normal operation range.

AESA Air Engineering

AESA is a leader in air engineering for all textile production processes of natural fibres, man-made fibres and filaments in their different stages: spinning, knitting, weaving, hosiery, different types of nonwovens and fibre productions, as well as dyeing and finishing. AESA supplies air conditioning and waste collection systems for the textiles industry, as well as for various other industrial processes.

Targeting a higher energy and environmental efficiency, customers are using AESA know-how and experience in design and implementation of air conditioning plants for a lighter environmental footprint with general production benefits and cost savings. The company’s Weave Direct systems offer reductions in power consumption combined with an accurate process condition on the weaving looms thanks to a dedicated supply air ducting system with diffusers above each loom.

Dollfus & Muller

With more than 200 years’ experience, Dollfus & Muller is a leading manufacturer of endless felts and dryer belts for the textile finishing and nonwovens factories. The company has particularly improved the compacting felts for knit finishing. Its sanforizing palmer felts are ideal for denim producers.

AESA is a leader in air engineering for all textile production processes of natural fibres, man-made fibres and filaments in their different stages. © AESA Air Engineering

Furthermore, Dollfus & Muller manufactures durable printing dryer belt qualities. “These print dryer belts are the most durable printing dryer belt specially designed for pigment printing of bed sheeting,” the manufacturer reports.


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