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11th February 2020, Istanbul

KraTos reinforces leadership at World of Concrete

Kordsa team at the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas. © Kordsa.Kordsa team at the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas. © Kordsa.

Kordsa, a global player in the tyre, construction reinforcement and composite technologies markets, participated in the international concrete trade fair World of Concrete (WOC) 2020, a leading show in the field of concrete, which took place recently in Las Vegas. The Turkish company showcased KraTos, its innovative synthetic fibre brand for concrete reinforcement applications, to leading professionals in the construction industry. WOC hosted 60,000 visitors and approximately 1500 companies exhibited.

“Compared to steel reinforcements, KraTos Macro and KraTos Micro are sustainable and environmentally friendly products with ease-of-use, quick applicability and high performance,” Kordsa said in a press statement. “They feature homogeneous distribution, corrosion resistance, long-term safety, high durability, and lower carbon emissions. Being the first Turkish product in the international synthetic fibre market, Kratos is highly preferred in infrastructure and superstructure projects.”

“KraTos is used in a variety of construction applications from industrial site concrete to screed, from high-performance under-rail concrete to port's slab on ground concrete, from shotcrete to tunnel lining and precast concrete components.”

Kordsa will continue to seek global business opportunities in the markets where its facilities are located and will attend the World Tunnel Congress in Kuala Lumpur between 15-21 May. The Company will also participate in the World of Concrete in Sao Paulo from 11-13 August and the Concrete Show in Jakarta from 16-18 September.

“As the worldwide leader of the tire reinforcement technologies market, Kordsa carries out production through a vast area from USA to Asia Pacific and supplies its reinforcement technologies to the whole world. With its business processes all based on R&D and innovation, Kordsa has 786 patent applications world-wide,” Kordsa concluded.


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