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Loepfe adds RGB technology to yarn clearing

Differentiating between detects to achieve a lower overall cut rate.

8th September 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Wetzikon, Switzerland


The new YarnMaster Prisma F-sensor developed by Loepfe, of Wetzikon, Switzerland, sets a new benchmark for spinners in precisely managing contamination control to individual requirements.

It illuminates the yarn in the full spectrum of light using the additive RGB (red, green and blue) colour model, adding wavelength for wavelength to enable unique full-color monitoring.

This enables unprecedented reliability in the detection of foreign matter in all colours – even delicate shades and whatever the gloss variation in any type of yarn.

In addition, the RGB technology allows the colour-based determination of organic materials within the yarn to separate them from regular disturbing foreign matter.

Such organic materials do not necessarily have to be removed from the yarn during the winding process, since they are eliminated in subsequent processes anyway, and the precise detection and classification of a defect, whether disturbing or non-disturbing, leads directly to a lower cut rate, for higher efficiency and waste reduction.

Thirty years ago, Loepfe played a pioneering role in the introduction of foreign matter detection based on the SIRO yarn clearing principle. The degree of raw material contamination has not improved since then and the ability to control contamination in yarns is therefore still of greatest importance to spinners. With YarnMaster PRISMA, Loepfe says it is moving yarn clearing to a new level, providing maximum reliability in foreign matter detection.

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