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New Rieter digital platform at ITMA Asia

With the new Digital Spinning Suite platform, Rieter writes a new chapter in the digitisation of spinning mills.

14th September 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Winterthur

Industrial, Clothing/​Footwear, Transport/​Aerospace, Sports/​Outdoor

Rieter, a leading supplier of systems for short-staple fibre spinning, believes it writes a new chapter in the digitisation of spinning mills with the new Digital Spinning Suite platform. The platform makes it possible to operate and control spinning mills with just a few clicks. It visualises potential improvements for the entire spinning process at a glance. “The Digital Spinning Suite offers more flexible and more accurate functionality than any other available solution; it is open to third-party applications,” the manufacturer explains.

The new platform with the Rieter rotor spinning system will be presented at ITMA Asia in Shanghai, next month. In 2019, this solution will also be available for ring, compact and air spinning systems. From mid-2019, the existing Rieter digital systems UPtime and SPIDERweb will also be migrated to the Digital Spinning Suite.

UPtime adds intelligence to the planning of maintenance tasks in spinning mills. Based on the monitored parameters and big data analytics, the system collects performance-critical data, identifies deviations including causes and indicates potential future errors or even failures. UPtime optimises the maintenance of spinning mills in terms of predictive maintenance.

New ring and compact-spinning machines

Rieter launches the ring spinning machines G 37 and G 38 and the compact-spinning machines K 47 and K 48, while G 32 and K 42 remain part of the Rieter portfolio. The 8 series machines are said to be ideal for markets where staff availability is limited and the requirements for flexibility and yarn quality are particularly high. With these all-inclusive models, customers get the benefit of the highest degree of automation, top performance and complete flexibility for standard and special yarns, based on an electronic drafting system drive, the integrated individual spindle monitoring system ISM premium and the integrated slub yarn device.

The 7 series machines were designed for markets where the shortage of personnel is not an issue and the requirements for flexibility and yarn quality are high. They are designed to allow customers a high level of flexibility due to their unrestricted application range with full machine length, even with all special yarns. The electronic drafting system drive reduces the downtime for article change. The integrated individual spindle monitoring system ISM basic increases the efficiency of the operators – and hence the efficiency of the machine.

The new Lena spindle, which is available as an option, is said to facilitate further significant energy savings with the four new models. The compacting system EliTe Compact Spinning System is available as an option on the three conventional ring spinning machines G 32, G 37 and G 38.

Premiere for Autoleveler Draw Frame RSB-D 26

Rieter also has interesting things to offer in the field of spinning preparation. The autoleveler draw frame RSB-D 26 celebrates its premiere in Shanghai. “It impresses due to superior sliver quality, low production costs and easy operation and maintenance,” the company says.

World first at SSM

The new CWX machines from SSM expand the application range for winding machines. With the new winding machine CWX-W, power consumption can be reduced to 35 watts per spindle. It is the ideal system for energy-efficient rewinding of cones used in weaving, knitting and circular knitting, according to the manufacturer.

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