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Pakistan bouncing back, says Karl Mayer

Karachi and Lahore mills benefiting from a boom in demand for high-end household textiles.

19th April 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Karachi & Lahore, Pakistan


Karl Mayer reports a significant surge in 2021 orders for the Prosize and Warpdirect machines made by its Warp Preparation business from Pakistan.

“Pakistan’s economy was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, but the textile and garment industry has quickly showed the first signs of recovery,” said the company’s vice president of sales and marketing, Dieter Gager. “Things have been going crazy for some time now. In particular, the Prosize sizing machine, combined with the Warpdirect beam warping machine, are proving to be bestsellers –order volume for these models was already considerable in 2020, but has been surpassed this year.”

Most machines are destined for the textile strongholds of Karachi and Lahore, which are currently benefiting from a boom in demand for high-end household textiles, he added.

The Prosize sizing machine. © Karl Mayer

Bed linen and terry towels from Pakistan are in great demand both in the domestic market and abroad. The latest generation weaving machines are used for the production of diverse articles, which require warp beams of the highest quality for their full performance.

This is where the Prosize and Warpdirect come into play.

The beam warping machine ensures the same warping length for all warp beams, uniform thread tensions and an even winding structure. The sizing machine that follows in the process applies sizing to the threads homogeneously and without affecting the elasticity. It also requires very little water and very few chemicals to do so.

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