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23rd October 2017, Stony Brook, NY

SigNature inducted in Material ConneXion’s library

Applied DNA is a provider of molecular technologies that enable supply chain security, anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft technology, product genotyping and DNA mass production for diagnostics and therapeutics.Applied DNA Sciences has announced that its SigNature molecular tag technology has been inducted into Material ConneXion’s library of innovative materials. Visitors to the library’s branches will now have access to Applied DNA’s technologies.

A tabula of the technology will be on display in the libraries and accessible through the Material ConneXion online directory database. Material ConneXion, a global materials consultancy, helps companies to leverage material innovation to create better products and experiences.

“New sciences and technologies are evaluated and selected for inclusion based on their unique offerings, cutting-edge innovation and outstanding performance,” said Kerrie Rosenheck, material specialist with Material ConneXion. “Applied DNA’s molecular tagging platform is a powerful tool with which to authenticate products throughout the global supply chain and to ensure they are truthfully labelled.”

Growing role

Upon assessment by a panel of experts in the materials field, SigNature molecular tagging was selected. With material libraries in Bangkok, Thailand; Bilbao, Spain; Daegu, South Korea; Milan, Italy; Skövde, Sweden; Tokyo, Japan; and New York City, USA, SigNature molecular tagging advancements in textile tracking and authentication aim to be an important part of the solutions for tackling product claims and authenticity challenges.

“Our inclusion into the Library is a testament to our success to date in purifying the cotton supply chain and reflects the growing strategic role that technologies such as ours are establishing with supply chain participants to power their sustainability and consumer assurance goals,” said Dr James Hayward, Applied DNA president and CEO.

Learning more

Designers interested in learning more about how the platform enhances their specific use case may meet with Applied DNA at its facility in Stony Brook, NY, equipped with a demonstration room and full forensic laboratories.

Material ConneXion is a trusted advisory body to Fortune 500 companies, global agencies and government bodies seeking a creative, competitive and sustainable advantage. Material ConneXion is built on the belief that Every Idea has a Material Solution. It is a trusted partner of Fortune 500 corporations and companies seeking a sustainable or competitive edge.


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