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Spotlight on online process control

Live demonstrations of the Famacont PMC-15 weft density measurement system in Frankfurt.

24th May 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Saal, Germany

Industrial, Clothing/​Footwear

Mahlo will demonstrate how manufacturers of technical textiles can optimise their production even further using measuring and control technology at Techtextil from 21-24 June in Frankfurt.

“Against the backdrop of the current, previously unthinkable events in Europe and the extreme rise in energy prices, online control in textile production processes is suddenly more important than ever before,” says Matthias Wulbeck, QCS product manager at Mahlo. “The continuous collection, analysis and preparation of the right data as well as the seamless transition of data flows are now essential for the success of a company.”

At stand D69 in Hall 12 at the show, the Mahlo team will present a wide portfolio of intelligent scanners and sensors that record product and process parameters, such as distortion, fabric temperature, dwell time, basis weight, coating weight, thickness, moisture content, residual moisture, exhaust moisture and air permeability.

Visitors will see the Famacont PMC-15 weft density measurement system in live operation. This system measures the weft or course density on the running web and compares it with the target value stored in the recipe data management system. The detected deviation from the target value is used to automatically control the overfeed during the needling process at the stenter frame and to ensure a constant weft/course density over the full width of the product.

Mahlo’s range also includes solutions for straightening distorted goods. Best suited for technical textiles are the Orthopac RVMC-15 and the reinforced Orthopac GRVMC-15 straightening machines. Frames, bearings and rollers are designed for high loads and allow large working widths of up to 5.4 metres. As the latest development, the Orthopac CRVMC-15 is particularly suited to for glass and carbon fabrics processing.

Different sensors from the modular Qualiscan QMS quality measuring system will also demonstrate measurements on various fabric samples in Frankfurt.

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