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Stäubli innovative solutions on show in India

At this year’s ITMACH, visitors can experience the latest electronic rotary dobby S3260 featuring the unique Stäubli locking system.

6th October 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Pfäffikon

Industrial, Clothing/​Footwear

Stäubli, a leading manufacturer of high-speed textile machinery, will exhibit its latest technology at the second edition of ITMACH India, an international textile machinery and accessories exhibition, which is scheduled to take place from 7-10 December. Represented in the Indian textiles market since 1947 and established with a company-owned liaison office in India since 1996, Stäubli has been an important supplier to numerous local weaving mills for decades.

At this year’s ITMACH, visitors can experience the latest electronic rotary dobby S3260 featuring the unique Stäubli locking system that has been developed to the reliable selection of heald frames even at the highest production speeds. This dobby will be shown in combination with the latest harness motion e32/33, featuring a new construction concept that is said to completely eliminate the need for maintenance of the major parts of the harness motion. “This setup churns out high-quality weaves and allows the mill to step up the pace,” the company explains.

S3260 electronic rotary dobby. © Stäubli

As a leading supplier of shedding solutions for frame weaving, Stäubli provides not only rotary dobbies, but also a wide range of cam motions for a broad variety of weaves, from basic to heavy. The recently launched S1691 and S1692 models for basic weaves are equipped with a new mechanical levelling system, directly lubricated in an oil bath, and feature a lubrication network integrated into the housing. This housing also features optimised sealing and high mechanical resistance. These cam motions can also be run in combination with the high-quality e32/33 harness motion.  

Jacquard expertise

Stäubli offers a comprehensive range of versatile Jacquard solutions. These high-performance machines are suitable for weaving delicate damasks, tapestries, Gobelins, brocades, wall fabrics, terry and silk fabrics, narrow textiles, name-list weaving on selvedges, and technical textiles with Jacquard constructions.

S1692 cam motion. © Stäubli

The latest SX and LX/LXL Jacquard machines are in use in numerous weaving mills, appreciated for their versatility, as well as their robust and compact design. With optimised air flow and many other high-performance engineering features, these machines are designed to ensure reliable and precise shedding – the basis for high-quality fabrics economically woven at the highest production speeds.

LX electronic Jacquard machine. © Stäubli

As the perfect complement to its Jacquard machines, Stäubli offers the MX module. Made of composite material, this is the heart of the Jacquard machine, ensuring precise positioning. Stäubli harnesses, which can be tailored to each customer’s needs, complete the setup.

Automated weaving preparation

Stäubli also offers automated weaving preparation solutions that support mills in the weaving process with precision, reliability, and speed. The renowned SAFIR automatic drawing-in installations offer Active Warp Control features, such as optical recognition of colours and yarn twists.

SAFIR S40 automatic drawing-in machine. © Stäubli

ITMACH visitors will receive detailed information about these and other Stäubli workhorses designed to easily integrate into any weaving mill. Visitors to the booth are also invited to a hands-on demonstration of the TOPMATIC warp-tying installation – to see in person how quickly and easily reliable knots can be automatically tied with a variety of yarn types.

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