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Twine’s digital thread dyeing system to launch at ITMA

Twine Solutions, digital thread dyeing system manufacturer, is unveiling its new Digital Thread Dyeing System.

3rd April 2019

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Petah Tikva


Twine Solutions is unveiling its new Digital Thread Dyeing System. © Twine Solutions

Twine Solutions is unveiling its new Digital Thread Dyeing System. © Twine Solutions

Twine Solutions, an Israeli technology start-up, will officially launch its digital thread dyeing system, which dyes raw and off-the-shelf white thread, during live demonstrations at the ITMA 2019 show, which takes place from 20-26 June in Barcelona.

Twine’s system digitally dyes white thread from different manufacturers that can be used for a range of applications, such as apparel, activewear, shoes, accessories, home decor, vehicle upholstery and more.

“Our Twine Digital Thread Dyeing system unleashes the power of thread, at the touch of a button. The fast-paced digital transformation of the textiles industry is challenging both for production and its environmental impact. We are excited to bring solutions that will have much needed and crucial economic, social and sustainability benefits,” commented Alon Moshe, Twine CEO and co-founder.

Knitted lace gradient. © Twine Solutions

Knitted lace gradient. © Twine Solutions

Twine will be exhibiting at Hall 3, where visitors will be able to see the systems digitally dyeing various thread types, including Coats thread. The strategic partnership between Twine and Coats was announced last November and will include future capabilities of Twine’s system, to feature inbuilt colour software, integrated with Coats ColourStitch. Coats will also be represented on Twine’s booth at ITMA. “This is yet another step in reinforcing the joint work on the future technology for the textiles industry,” the company says.

Twine will also showcase its digital colour matching mobile application. The SnapMatch application captures an image of a sample using a mobile device and Twine’s proprietary algorithms analyse the colour immediately and accurately, according to the company. The user then sends the captured colour to the TS-1800 system for immediate thread dyeing in the desired colour.

Twine digitaly dyed thread. © Twine Solutions

Twine digitaly dyed thread. © Twine Solutions

Twine’s products create a virtual inventory, with any colour and any length needed, reducing stock management, inventory and deadstock costs. Twine’s sustainable digital waterless thread dyeing process is also said to save 70 litres of clean water per 1 kg of dyed thread. The process also reduces waste and emissions. “In many of the industry sectors today up to 50% of dyed thread is disposed of before even being used. Twine’s system dyes exactly the amount you need when you need it, in a highly sustainable process,” the company explains.

Twine Solutions was founded in 2015 in Israel by brothers Alon and Erez Moshe. It is based in Petah Tikva, near Tel Aviv, an innovation hub for digital printing.

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