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Web Industries launches rebranding initiative

Web Industries has launched a rebranding initiative to cultivate relationships, trust and transparency with customers, prospects and suppliers.

19th October 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Marlborough, MA

Medical/Hygiene, Transport/​Aerospace, Interiors

Web Industries, an employee-owned precision converter and outsource manufacturer serving the aerospace, medical, personal and home care, and industrial markets, has launched a rebranding initiative designed to cultivate relationships, trust and transparency with customers, prospects and suppliers.

“Our rebranding is transformational. It changes our entire approach and way of thinking. Central to the rebrand’s implementation is fine-tuning Web’s work culture from one that places precision converting and outsource manufacturing services at its mission’s core to one that values reciprocal trust among Web, its customers and suppliers above all other priorities. This demands extensive training and total commitment to put into practice. Essentially, we are capitalising on the words of our founder, Bob Fulton, who said, The essence of life is relationships,” commented Vice President of Corporate Development Kevin Young.

“At Web Industries, our ideal is to inspire ingenuity through the power of close relationships, an increasingly critical value in today’s manufacturing world,” said Young. “Our rebrand will help create a platform for building tighter bonds. Ultimately, our customers will benefit from the reassurance that comes from doing business with a company whose brand signifies not only technical expertise, but trust as well.”

Rebranding initiative

The rebranding initiative came about when the company’s board of directors broached the question, “What is different about us from other converters of flexible materials? In short, why do we exist?” The question sparked a quest to understand the business’s perception by the marketplace and how well it did or did not align with its resources and capabilities.

“When we canvassed the market, respondents to one survey said that Web Industries listens intently in all interactions,” said Young. “And in another, 80% agreed that we bring customers ingenious solutions. “From that, we formulated our new tagline, Ingenuity with a personal touch as a declaration of what customers should expect from us. This declaration will appear on all of Web Industries’ communications materials, ranging from letterhead and business cards to the company’s new website.”

Web Industries is one of the largest and most diverse providers of precision converting and outsource manufacturing services. © Web Industries

“Looking ahead, we will be constantly evolving our approach, discovering new ways to fulfil our purpose and deliver on our promise.”

New website

Web Industries’ rebrand will yield immediate benefits to customers in each of the business’s market sectors. For example, the redesigned website has more in-depth channels for each market segment — Aerospace, Medical, Personal & Home Care and Industrial. Data has been added that will help visitors better understand how Web listens to customers’ needs, understands their challenges and works with them to develop unique solutions for their particular converting and outsource manufacturing needs.

Web Industries’ rebrand features outreach to the aerospace, medical, personal and home care, and industrial markets. © Web Industries

The site’s Services & Products channel hosts Process Optimization Services, Outsource Manufacturing Services and Specialty Products pages, each with detailed coverage. The site’s channels and other new features make the site more organized and easier to navigate than its predecessor.

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