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Technical Absorbents
Technical Absorbents

30th January 2020, Paris

Teijin exhibits eco materials at tenth PV appearance

© Première Vision.Teijin Frontier announced today that it will participate in Première Vision Paris, the leading trade fair for fashion materials that will be held in Paris from 11-13 February.

The TEIJINTEX by TEIJIN FRONTIER stand (6G30-6H29) will feature various eco-friendly materials, including recycled polyester and partially plant-derived fibres, a microplastic-saving fabric and fluorocarbon-free materials for Spring/Summer 2021. Teijin Frontier, which will mark its tenth appearance in the show, aims to further raise its profile, develop new customers and continue to expand its global market, mainly in Europe.

Exhibits will include the following:

Recycled polyester fabric

Several versions of this material will be presented, including ECOPET recycled polyester fibre made from used plastic bottles, highly water-repellent fabric containing recycled polyester incorporating cutting and fibre waste and luxurious-feeling summer wool and silklike materials.


Polytrimethylene terephthalate fibre is not only extra soft, stretchable and shape-retaining but also features a supple texture, dimensional stability and brightly colours owing to its spring-like fibre structure. As a partially plant-derived material, it helps to conserve fossil resources. Continuing from the last season, various exhibits will be organized to showcase items such as a cotton-like fabric incorporating Solotex staple fiber.


Deltapeak next-generation fabric offering superior physical properties and functionality as well as a unique appearance and texture. The exhibit will include various evolved materials, from this range that is eco-friendly fibre made from recycled materials, a heat-retention fabric for reduced microplastic pollution and a fabric with a natural-like texture and appearance for diverse uses.

Eco-friendly water-repellent materials

Teijin Frontier also will exhibit highly water-repellent fabric that is free of both fluorocarbon and perfluorooctanoic acid as an eco-friendly and highly functional fashion material.


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