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Textiles Intelligence

Temperature control fabrics, finishes and materials

Balancing thermal comfort and environmental sustainability.

6th May 2024

Innovation in Textiles
 |  United Kingdom


Report summary

Demand for temperature control fabrics, finishes and materials is expected to increase as global temperatures continue to rise—reflecting the important role which clothing plays in mitigating the effect of climate change on human health. Also, temperature control fabrics, finishes and materials show huge potential in improving the comfort of an individual and contributing to his or her performance during physical activity.

As a result, clothing which helps the wearer to maintain a comfortable body temperature has become one of the fastest growing segments of the performance apparel market in terms of demand and the pace of innovation. That said, clothing which facilitates thermoregulation is being increasingly incorporated in virtually all segments of the clothing industry.

In terms of innovation, a highly promising advancement in temperature control clothing is dynamic temperature control, which triggers warming and cooling features only when required by the wearer.

Materials with temperature control properties which are gaining in importance include graphene—a “wonder material” which demonstrates excellent heat preserving properties when applied to fabrics, such as fleece. At the same time, when graphene is integrated into thin, breathable fabrics, it has the ability to quickly release excess heat, thereby producing a cooling effect.

Similarly, xylitol is gaining popularity as a cooling material in textiles due to its ability to absorb heat upon contact with liquid, thereby providing an immediate sensation of coolness through contact cooling.

This report provides a wealth of information on other key innovations in the market for temperature control fabrics, finishes and materials with specific reference to: dynamic temperature control; materials which facilitate cooling; and insulating materials.

Furthermore, the report includes information relating to: the characteristics of temperature control fabrics, finishes and materials; the role of environmental sustainability in the designs of temperature control fabrics, finishes and materials; and applications for temperature control fabrics, finishes and materials.

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Publisher: Textiles Intelligence

‘Temperature control fabrics, finishes and materials: balancing thermal comfort and environmental sustainability’

75 pages, published in March 2024

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