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Comez introduces new data controller for electronic machinery

The new DC5 is being assembled on all Comez electronic machines, with the exception of the DNB/EL-32 and DNB/EL-1270 models.

7th October 2016

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Cilavegna

Sports/​Outdoor, Clothing/​Footwear

Comez, a member of the Jakob Muller Group and a specialist in machinery for the production of narrow fabrics, has developed a new controller for the company’s electronic machinery, as part of the research project to produce new and innovative technology solutions.

The DATA CONTROL 5 (DC5) is an up-to-date latest generation controller that incorporates advanced components and technology. Starting last month, the new DC5 is being assembled on all Comez electronic machines, with the exception of the DNB/EL-32 and DNB/EL-1270 models, on which it will be included as from January 2017.

Technical specifications

Notable technical specifications include the use of up-to-date standardized hardware of industrial grade, simplified machine cabling, TouchScreen graphic interface, USB Pen Drive pattern data transfer and setup device, machine stoppage troubleshooting display (broken yarn, take-down microswitch, inverter, etc.), and Comez menu setup in different languages (Italian, German, English, French, Spanish).

The renewed software concept is designed to reduce complexity, with 60% less video screens compared to the previous version, while maintaining the controller’s preceding user philosophy and allowing for an enhanced user learning and operating experience, the company reports.

Due to technical reasons, the DC5 controller cannot be retrofit onto machines equipped with a DC4 controller. Servicing, spare parts and technical support is guaranteed for DC4 controllers.

Comez International

With 60 years in the business, Comez is a leader in machinery technology for the production of narrow fabrics, with its crochet knitting machines and warp knitting machines, used for the production of a wide range of narrow fabrics (laces, ribbons, bands), technical textiles, passementerie, fancy yarns, and fabrics for outerwear.

With 90% of its turnover generated by exports, the company boasts tens of thousands of its machines installed worldwide. The many models making up the range of Comez machines all feature a high level of technology and original design construction solutions: many are protected by international patents.

In October 2012, Comez combined business activities in the field of crochet and knitting machines with Jakob Müller AG Frick and now operates under the name Comez International s.r.l. The company is committed to providing advanced knitting solutions and meeting customers’ demands.


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