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Garnett Controls to present new control solutions at ITMA 2015

The UK based manufacturer will present its new Apps that allow users to access live production information via a phone, tablet or computer.

9th November 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Bradford

Sustainable, Industrial

The company’s particular area of expertise is the feeding of fibre to nonwoven web-forming equipment, such as cards and airlays, as well as blending and traditional dry-laid carding.

At the exhibition, the UK based manufacturer will present its new Apps that allow users to access live production information via a phone, tablet or computer from virtually anywhere at anytime.

New APPs for ITMA

According to the company, its well known Rollaweigh 8 Series and Microweigh XL8 fibre feed control systems have become standard components on processing lines internationally.

The new Connect system is now available on new Garnett Controls feed systems and can also be easily retrofitted to existing Rollaweighs and Microweighs. By remotely viewing via the app, customers can access performance data relating to quality as well as process data such as production rates, running times and kg produced.

Fibre lubrication

Garnett Controls has redesigned its popular Lubric8 oiling system, which applies lubricant and other additives to fibre blends in a controlled process that balances throughput weight with application rate.

The system is modular in design, allowing customers to utilise existing components where appropriate and the new user interface follows the tried and tested formula of Garnett’s weight control systems.


As a designer of customised control systems that are retrofitted onto existing machines and processing lines, Garnett Controls has many years experience relevant to the ITMA 2015 theme of sustainability.

Retrofitting not only improves product quality by applying precise controls, it also sustains the useful life of the machinery thereby extending the life cycle, the company reports. In addition, by utilising the latest energy efficient drives as replacement to existing drives, carbon footprint is reduced in conjunction with lower energy bills.

The Garnett Controls range of retrofit equipment extends to nonwoven web forming, carding, spinning, winding, blending and associated processes. In conjunction with sister members of the Garnett Group of Associated Companies, Streat Instruments (NZ) and Wira Instrumentation (UK) Garnett is actively involved in customised projects for both on-line processing controls and off-line testing equipment.

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