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German research tests performance of Dyneema soft ballistic solutions

The study affirmed a performance stability of Dyneema soft ballistic panels over a simulated period of 30 years, the company reports.

2nd March 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  The Netherlands


The study confirmed that the V50 performance of used, and up to 15-year-old German vests is consistent with that of new vests with Dyneema soft ballistics. Furthermore, the study affirmed a performance stability of Dyneema soft ballistic panels over a simulated period of 30 years, the company reports.

Long term performance

Demonstrated long term performance is among the requirements for personal protection equipment in key body armour tenders by European law enforcement authorities. Based on the study results, it is again reconfirmed that ballistic protection made with Dyneema UHMWPE fibre products is a trusted choice, according to the manufacturer.

“The purpose of our research was to analyse the long-term ballistic performance of German vests with Dyneema. Our study of a significant number of German personal protection vests has underlined the substantial reliability of Dyneema in bullet resistant personal protection equipment,” said Prof Dr Herzog summarizing their findings.

Prof Dr Herzog presented detailed results at a conference organised by the German Police University (DHPol) during Enforce Tac 2017 on 2 March, at the Exhibition Center Nuremberg NCC Mitte.

Dyneema ballistic solutions

Dyneema soft ballistic solutions are based on DSM’s patented unidirectional (UD) technology designed for use in multi-layered structures. Dyneema is, compared to traditional materials like aramids, the only ballistic material capable of achieving a robust concept for the German police standard SK1 level at low weights with good flexibility, the company reports. A level SK1 areal density of less than 4 kg/m² can be achieved with protective vests engineered with DSM Dyneema’s next-generation Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology.

Advanced Dyneema soft and hard ballistics solutions are widely used in German personal protection equipment combining proven high level protection at reduced weight and low thickness for maximum comfort and agility.

In 2016 the State Office for Central Police Services of North Rhine-Westphalia (LZPD NRW) has equipped their police officers with 10,000 new high-tech protective vests, driven by the extreme conditions the police services are confronted with. The hard armour protective panels inside these vests are made with polyethylene material to protect against automatic weapons.

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