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Indorama chooses Schlafhorst’s Zinser spinning technology

Schlafhorst has been delivering ring spinning and winding machines to Indorama since the 1980s, providing it with around 60 Zinser 351 ring spinning machines.

24th November 2014

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Uebach-Palenberg

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The Indonesian company Indorama Synthetics has named Zinser 351 ring spinning machine and winding machine from Schlafhorst the company’s number one for the production of high-grade compact yarns made of cotton.

The company has just ordered a complete, fully automatic production line with over 40,000 compact spindles for combed cotton in the counts Ne 20 to Ne 40 from Schlafhorst – from the Zinser Flyer 670 and the Zinser 351 2Impact FX compact spinning machine up to the automatic winding machine Autoconer X5.

Indorama produces 280,000 tonnes of polyester per year in the form of fibres, yarn and chips. The leading PES fibre producer, with spinning plants in Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka and Turkey, it is also in the top ten of the most successful spinning mills in the world.

PES at 22,500 rpm in practice

As a polyester specialist, Indorama has particular expertise in the manufacture of high-quality PES yarns on ring spinning machines. The Zinser 351 from Saurer is its first-choice machine.

“Productivity on the Zinser 351 is outstanding, because it is extremely fast, completely reliable and also easy and safe to operate thanks to EasySpin,” explained Anupam Agrawal, Director of Indorama's Spun Yarns Division. “The Zinser 351 is our number one machine. For example, we spin Ne 40 PES yarns on it permanently at spindle speeds of 22,500 rpm. And the yarn quality is unsurpassed.”

Indorama invests continuously in the latest technology to raise its efficiency. © Indorama Synthetics

The Zinser 351 makes possible enduring yarn quality and maximum profitability based on a highly precise and energy-efficient cutting-edge technology. The simple EasySpin user interface and high-performance OptiStep spinning programme support spinning at the technological limit at enduring maximum spindle speeds, without any manual adjustment being required.

Gold standard for maximum productivity

Schlafhorst has been delivering ring spinning and winding machines to Indorama since the 1980s. Around 60 Zinser 351 ring spinning machines with nearly 100,000 spindles operate non-stop round the clock in the company's three Indonesian spinning mills.

Roughly 85,000 spindles are operated automatically in a linked system with Autoconer X5 Vtype package winders – the gold standard when it comes to quality and productivity, according to Indorama.

Zinser 351 ring spinning machines produce at permanently high spindle speeds. © Indorama Synthetics

In the linked system the Zinser 351 and the Autoconer X5 operate synchronously at the same rate. Their output is optimally coordinated to achieve the maximum productivity across the entire process. The interaction of the Zinser 351 and Autoconer X5 is topped off by SPID, the unique Spindle Identification System, designed to ensure real-time unbroken quality inspection of every single metre of yarn spun.

Investing in the future

Indorama is pursuing an expansive future strategy. It reacts to movement in the market primarily by developing new products. “Spinning mills are sandwiched between their clients in the textile industry and the raw material suppliers,” said Anupam Agrawal.

“They cannot shape the market themselves; they must react extremely quickly to fashion trends, demands, the raw material situation and local conditions. We have to remain flexible to a high degree, and so Schlafhorst is a strategic partner for us. With powerful, highly flexible technologies like the Zinser 351, for example, we can deliver any product in any quality desired quickly and reliably.”

Indorama invests continuously in the latest technology to raise its efficiency. This applies to both the production facilities and its IT systems. Indorama aims to prepare its staff resources for the planned growth in the company with its own polytechnic within the next five years.

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