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8th June 2020, Bönnigheim, Germany

Not all masks are created equal says Hohenstein

© Hohenstein.Oronasal or community masks are mandatory in many communities across Europe to help contain the coronavirus. To be effective, community masks must meet legal and functional requirements, testing services provider and research organisation Hohenstein says. It has developed the Hohenstein Quality Label for Tested Community Masks to meet and verify these needs.

While not required to guarantee defined protective functions like medical face masks or FFP respirators, disposable and reusable community masks are still subject to functional claims. By providing easily understood product information on labels, Hohenstein supports producers in increasing transparency for community mask users.

Breathing comfort is a key criterion for consumers, Hohenstein explains. To meet quality criteria, standardized test procedures verify whether the material used is too dense and will make breathing difficult for wearers. Further quality parameters include washability, proper fit and compliance with legal requirements.

The quality criteria claimed on the label can be expanded by testing for harmful substances according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX as an indicator for skin friendly textiles and a cytotoxicity test based on the testing of medical devices.

More detailed information can be found at www.hohenstein.com/hql-community-masks.

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