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22nd January 2020, Denver, CO

Sustainable CoolVisions denim at OR

© iStock.At the upcoming Outdoor Retailer Show (29-31 January) in Denver, Indorama Ventures (IVL) will introduce the latest addition to its sustainable portfolio - CoolVisions + Cotton denim.

According to the company, the addition of CoolVisions polypropylene to traditional cotton denim delivers significant benefits to the environment, reducing water consumption, indigo dye, and chemicals by 45%. In addition, these innovative denim fabrics are softer, dry faster, and are lighter weight than traditional denim.

“We developed this new sustainable denim to meet performance needs in outdoor lifestyle and workwear applications,” commented Susan Lynn, Global Sales and Marketing Manager.

“CoolVisions polypropylene remains a favourite performance fibre, featuring low moisture regain, improved bulk and coverage with less weight, and ease of care. Polypropylene has one of the lowest cradle-to-factory gate carbon footprints among synthetic fibres and ranks high on the Higg Index, and CoolVisions polypropylene fiber is Oeko-Tex certified.”

CoolVisions dyeable polypropylene is part of $10.7 billion Indorama Ventures PCL, a global leader in polyester with a robust commitment to sustainability. At the Summer Outdoor Retailer show, IVL introduced Deja 100% post-consumer recycled polyester flake, pellet, fiber and filament. With unique access to IVL’s global recycling sources, Deja is said to have complete traceability from source to supply, recycling over 4.17 billion plastic bottles annually.

The company is now accelerating its efforts in support of a very ambitious goal to increase recycled content volumes by at least 750,000 tons, while also recently pledging $1.5 billion towards achieving this target by 2025.

In October 2019, Indorama Ventures PCL joined the New Plastics Economy to help create a world where plastic never becomes waste. This initiative is being accomplished through innovative solutions that enable plastic to be 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable.




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