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Tencel fibre gets KFT medically tested label

The Lyocell fibre Tencel that stands for skin-sensory properties is the first fibre, which may use the FKT label Medically Tested – Tested for Toxins.

19th January 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Lenzing

Medical/Hygiene, Interiors, Sustainable

The Lenzing Lyocell fibre Tencel has become the first fibre to be medically tested according to the FKT test method criteria for body compatibility and toxic substances, its manufacturer reports.

According to Lenzing, the Lyocell fibre Tencel stands for skin-sensory properties in many products,  particularly in the home textiles market,where these properties are essential in bed linens when it comes to the end consumer’s buying decision.  

Textiles, which come into contact with the skin, should satisfy the highest standards, the company adds. Lenzing has taken the first important step with this test by KFT, the Fördergemeinschaft Körperverträgliche Textilien e.V. Thus Tencel is the first fibre, which may use the FKT label Medically Tested – Tested for Toxins.

Promoting good health

“Sleep is critical to good health,” explained Dr Susanne Jary, Director Home and Interiors at Lenzing. “A medically proven starting material, such as the Tencel fibre, promotes good health. Above all, bed linens which are mostly in direct contact with the skin can make a major contribution towards general well-being,”

“For this reason, it is extremely important to us that our fibre satisfies the criteria of the FKT label and is thus a pre-requisite for health-friendly home textiles.”

Cooperation with FKT

“Cooperation with Lenzing is an important step to establish the FKT label in the textile industry,” commented Prof Dr Michael Doser, Board Member of the Fördergemeinschaft Körperverträgliche Textilien.

“The FKT label is a reliable quality characteristic for strictly scientific and independently tested textiles,” he says. FKT awards the label “Medically Tested - Tested for Toxins” which is a reliable quality label for textiles that don’t release any chemicals that may irritate the skin or damage a person’s health.

Combination of tests

This unique combination of tests for harmful substances and for sensitive effect based body compatibility is said to provide double tested safety. The manufacturers of high-quality textiles use this scientific certification to verify their quality standards and build a high degree of confidence with their end customers.

These high-quality testing standards ensure that the Tencel fibre meets the strictest skin compatibility tests in line with the approval criteria for medical devices.

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