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Titan Universal Strength Tester increases capacity to 5000 N

This increase in capacity is said to offer laboratories the potential to significantly increase the number and scope of tests they can offer.

3rd December 2014

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Halifax

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James Heal, the UK based testing instrument company, has substantially increased the tension and compression capacities of the latest model of its Universal Strength Tester called Titan, which now provides the capacity to accommodate tests up to 5000 Newtons (5kN).

The extensive range of tool-free specimen grips available for the Titan, for many different standards, test methods and materials types, has been further augmented by the introduction of five new tools, including tools and grips to test elastane, rivets, studs, press studs, velcro and leather products.

This increase in capacity, in conjunction with the existing and new enhanced range of tooling, is said to offer laboratories the potential to significantly increase the number and scope of tests they can offer.

Increase in applications

Various product types can be tested on the Titan instrument, including woven and knitted fabrics, leather, coated fabric and nonwovens, in various forms such as yarn, fabric, garments, attachments to garments and attachments to children’s toys.

The diversity of tests which can be performed includes seam slippage and seam strength, stretch and recovery, security of attachments, compression testing including ball burst, puncture and crush resistance, yarn strength, including single strand and skein/hank strength, tear strength and delamination, tensile strength and elongation, the Baumann tear strength, hank (lea) strength and tests for buttons and zippers.

New tooling for the Titan enables specific testing of studs and buttons and for additional tests for yarn, the company reports. Additional tooling also includes an OctoGrip, which is complementary to the T12 grip. This tool has eight claws to enable very small items, which would otherwise be extremely difficult to hold with the T12 jaws, to be held securely for testing.

Automated processes

One of the many beneficial aspects of using Titan is the simplicity of operation, the manufacturer believes. This is further enhanced and supported by the easy to use and intuitive test analysis software known as TestWise, which significantly increases efficiencies and accuracy of the testing process. 

TestWise incorporates an ever expanding library of pre-loaded standard and test methods, which can easily be located through the Filter option. Additionally, standards which are used regularly within the laboratory can be saved within Favourites for instant access.

Furthermore, TestWise software transfers the test parameters, specified within the selected standard to the instrument, which subsequently automatically sets-up the required parameters such as the gauge length, the number of specimens to test, the pre-tension requirement and the speed that the jaws are required to move apart during test.

Quick change load cells

Another feature is the quick change Load Cells, which provides the capacity to accommodate tests up to 5000 Newtons.

This end-user focussed design innovation also helps make the process easier. The range of cells available include a 1000 N or 500 N and a 100 N or 200 N, which in addition to the 5000 N cell, increases accuracy of results and flexibility of testing different materials.

SMART button

Once the relevant standard is selected, using the TestWise software on the PC or Laptop, a multi-functional SMART button, positioned on the base of the instrument, aids the loading of the sample and is used to start the test.

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